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Press Your Luck Season 5 Release Date

Press Your Luck Season 5
TV Series Finale

Catch the thrilling game show on Hulu, which is all set to air on June 30, 2023, and ABC on June 29, 2023.

Fans can watch Press Your Luck Season 5 on Hulu, which will be launched on the OTT platform on June 30. In addition to Hulu, ABC will also release the show on June 29, 2023.

For fans outside the US, Hulu’s trial period is the best way to watch Press Your Luck Season 5 for free on Hulu. The promotion is valid for 30 days and includes unlimited viewing of all Hulu material.

The free trial, however, is simply available to people who have never subscribed to Hulu before. This reboot of the addictive game show was presented by Elizabeth Banks in which contestants compete in a contest of wits and technique by answering questions to win Big Board spins.

The goal is to collect money and prizes while avoiding the deadly WHAMMY, which can ruin the competitors’ total wins.

The successful candidate moves on to the extra round, where they compete with WHAMMY for one million dollars. The last installment of the program was a hit, so it was recently renewed for a fifth season, which will be available on Hulu on June 30.

Who is part of the Cast of Press Your Luck Season 5?

Press Your Luck Season 5
TV Series Finale

The makers of the show Press Your Luck haven’t yet formally confirmed the cast of Press Your Luck Season 5 for the final season. However, the whole cast from the previous season is likely to return.

The previous season’s cast included Neil Ross as the show’s spokesperson and Elizabeth Banks as the show’s host. There are also returning stars from previous seasons, such as Pam Kirk, Theodore Cooper, Cathy Cisneros, and others.

So far, only two of the initial episodes of Your Lucky Season 5 have been revealed; however, the official compilation of the episodes is anticipated to be published soon.


Press Your Luck Season 5

Unfortunately there isn’t any trailer for the film, since Press Your Luck Season 5 commercial or teaser has been released, we’ll keep you posted instantly as the trailer is available.

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