Prince Harry recently revealed how Queen Elizabeth was sharing a bond with his wife Meghan Markle related to birth. We have seen many celebrities going through hard times and difficulties that gave them one of the lowest phases in their lives.

And if we speak about someone who stayed with them then it is certainly their loved one. If we speak about something related to the royal family then we are very aware of the circumstances that are happening there.

Among all the revelations made by Prince Harry, he recently revealed how Queen Elizabeth, meaning his grandmother, was hooking up with Meghan Markle related to the birth. They have very turbulent relations with the royal family however, it went well Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry recalled the first days of their marriage and the bond that the Queen shared with Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle was enthusiastic about the conversation she had with the queen in June 2018. Prince Harry said:

“We talked about how much I wanted to be a mother and she told me that the best way to induce labor was a good ride in a bumpy car! I told her that I will remember that when the time comes.”

Here’s What Prince Harry Said More About Queen Elizabeth’s Connection With Meghan Markle’s Birth.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry recorded this moment virtually 4 months after the death of the Queen which took place in September 2022. She ruled for more than 70 years as the queen of the United Kingdom and died at the age of 96 .

It was recently when Prince Harry spoke about the moment when his wife Meghan Markle kept sobbing on the ground. It was related to a message that Kate Middleton gave to former actress Meghan Markle.

The message was related to the fitting of the bridesmaid dress that was there Princess Charlotte. The dress didn’t suit the princess and that’s why why the entire things became a mess.

The story recently came that Meghan Markle was banned from the Queen’s home at Balmoral castle. It was banned by King Charles, in response to Prince Harry telling his father not to speak that way to his wife. It was also revealed that Kate Middleton was asked not to attend that day because it wouldn’t be appropriate for her. The source went on to say:

“It was pointed out to him that Kate was not going and that numbers really should be limited to immediate family.”