QB1 Season 4: Will the Docuseries Return??

Netflix is rare to have a docuseries that lasts for more than a few episodes. This is because most of the series on the platform are short-lived. Fans of QB1 are asking for Season 4 and QB1 Season 5.

“QB1 Beyond the Lights” is a compelling series that tells the stories of high school seniors who are on the verge of realizing their football dreams. Executive producer Peter Berg directed “Friday Night Lights” and created this documentary series that follows three high school quarterbacks as they attempt to get the attention of major college football teams.

Will we see more high school footballers? Get your uniform ready, as we’ll tell you all you need to know about QB1 Season 4.

Is there a fourth season of QB1?

QB1 Season 4: Will the Docuseries Return??

Sources have confirmed that production is underway and that progress has been made on QB1 Season 4. However, Netflix has not yet announced a release date or properly acknowledged that the show was in production. The showrunners may be waiting for the return of football matches, or that the show might be stuck in preproduction because of pandemic. We can still make educated guesses based on the past to predict when the scholarship might be awarded to some of the most talented high school football players in the country.

Many fans speculated that QB4 Season 4 might premiere in August 2020. However, it has been over a year since then so it is wise to review expectations and prepare for the worst.

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Season 4 is unlikely to arrive in 2020, as there have been no details about its release date. Season 4 will likely be released in 2021. There is still the possibility that the second season of “QB1 Beyond the Light” will be released in Winter 2022, as they premiered in February 2018.

Who will appear in QB1 Season 4:

QB1 Season 4: Will the Docuseries Return??

QB1 follows three high-school football players who try to get a scholarship at a prestigious university program with the hope of advancing their careers towards the NFL. We follow three different high school football players each season, so there is no recurring cast.

Although Netflix has yet to confirm the identities of the three Q1 Season 4 athletes, reports from the United States indicate that they will be the center of attention in the new episodes of QB1: Beyond the Lights.

A report for the Independent Florida Alligator stated that Downrange Production, Inc began filming Eastside High School football player Anthony Richardson in Gainesville, Florida. Rumours started to circulate on social media about Bryce Young, Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, California’s future quarterback, joining the show after Richardson’s involvement was confirmed. The Florida Times-Union reported, finally, that Carson Beck, a senior from Mandarin High School in Jacksonville (Florida), had been also a subject of a documentary crew associated to “QB1”: Beyond the Lights.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Netflix until they announce more details about QB1 Season 4 we can say with confidence that the next season will follow the lives and teams of three studen-athletes from the sunny side of Florida.

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What is the story of QB1 Season 4’s episode?

QB1 Season 4: Will the Docuseries Return??

QB1 has no established storyline, but the typical season of “QB1 Beyond the Lights”, which focuses on the lives of student-athletes both on and off the field, does have a traditional storyline. The show follows the lives of young players as they face all kinds of challenges. It also documents some of the most important games in their young careers.

Although the plots of each episode and the identities of the three athletes featured on QB1 Season 4 remain a mystery, the production time gives some clues as to their goals. Anthony Richardson, who was featured in the Independent Florida Alligator was already a committed student at the University of Florida. ESPN reports that Bryce Young was committed to USC, but later decided to leave to join the prestigious University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Dawg Nation lastly notes that Carson Beck signed with the University of Georgia football team.

Given that these players have all been established at university football clubs for their post-highschool careers, QB1 Season 4, may decide to spend more time with them after they graduate.

Fans are hopeful that the show will be released on Netflix soon after the year-long delay caused by pandemic. We are not yet out of the woods and will have to wait longer.

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