Queenmaker centers on Do-hee, an elderly woman who decides to go against her wealthy employer and install a civil rights lawyer as the mayor of Seoul.

Queenmaker’s End Explained: Oh Jin-seok is the director of the South Korean TV series Queenmaker, which was released in 2023 and is available for release on Netflix.

Kim Hee-ae, So-ri moonand Ryu Soo-young are the three main cast members of the series. It premiered on Netflix on April 14, 2023.

Queenmaker centers on Do-hee, an elderly woman who decides to go against her wealthy employer and install a civil rights lawyer as the mayor of Seoul.

Audience response and ratings both indicate that the show is a big success.

The show has received praise from viewers all over the world, and if you have already seen it, you understand how terrific it’s. The conclusion of the story of Hwang Do-hee and the Eunsung groups is something that influenced us all.

Here’s everything you might want to know about the ‘Queenmaker’ ending. So, keep reading this article till the end to know everything about the show The end of Queenmaker.

Queenmaker Ending Explained

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The final episode of the series undoubtedly serves as its climax and answers all the mysteries, questions, and extra aspects that have kept us so engrossed in the story.

The deliberate killing of Guk Ji Yeon, which Baek Jae Min had already planned, is first shown to us from the very beginning.

When it’s revealed that Guk is planning to commit suicide and that Oh Seung Sook, or, in this case, her right hand Hwang Do Hee is responsible, everything develops into a smear campaign between the two candidates even although everything has been arranged. .

In the middle of it all, Hwang do Hee tracks down the cars Guk is being taken in and somehow manages to get her out of there safely before finally taking her to the hospital, where she is kept in protective custody, and not released. -no information.

Soon, we end up finding out towards the conclusion that Hwang is also in jail and that somebody came to visit her and ask for a hand to help her work against Oh.

This not only gives us an opportunity for an additional season of the show, but also gives us an opportunity for a new villain to face.

What Was Hwang Do Hee’s Main Goal?

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Based on the kind of ending we were given at the conclusion of the show, Hwang Do Hee’s primary goal is still something of a mystery.

However, we know that she was absolutely intent on exacting revenge on Son Young Sim, which was one of the main reasons she conspired with her daughter.

After that, it’s also true that she helped Oh to gain power because she was aware of what the rich owners of the companies wanted and how little they were worth. She also had to demand retribution for her father’s death.

The whole argument was sparked by an incident involving Baek Jae Min, who had sexually assaulted a worker and tricked Hwang into helping him get rid of her. It wouldn’t be known until season 2 if she was simply acting this way for financial gain or for other reasons.

What was Carl Yoon’s relationship with Baek Jae Min?

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It turned out that Carl Yoon was the minister who was responsible for pressuring Baek Jae Min’s father to retire from his position of authority and ultimately take his own life.

He returned, however, and contemplated assisting Baek Jae Min, not only because the Eunsung organization was one of his clients but also because he felt compelled to help Baek, as a result of the disgrace he was experiencing for killing his father.

So, Hwang walks to the business car waiting for her outside the office building in the last scene of the show while ignoring a text from Han I-seul.

Han’s body hits Hwang’s car as he approaches it. In order to avoid the embarrassment of being fired and having her narrative disbelieved, she jumped to her death.

However, a cufflink that was missing from Baek’s shirt earlier in the episode falls out from under her.

Baek, the incoming mayoral candidate, seems to have lied about his friendship with Han after all, and Hwang will now must clean up another mess. You can watch this show, Obsession, completely on Netflix.