Rana Naidu, starring Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati, is NetflixThe return to the reimagined action crime drama genre.

The film, based on the 2013 TV series Ray Donovan and written by Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma, is a dark and moody thriller that moves between the streets of Hyderabad and Mumbai and is all the more compelling to watch because the electrical chemistry between Rana and Venkatesh. in their first screen appearance together.

However, Rana Naidu’s appearance is disappointing.

What is Rana Naidu All About?

Rana Naidu

Rana Naidu, who is based in Bombay, where glamor and filth collide, does the dirty work for the city’s top business tycoons, professional athletes, and celebrities to solve their problems.

His father, Naga’s sudden release from jail sets in motion a series of events that shake the Naidu family to its foundations, starting this gripping drama.

In short, Rana is a literal lifeguard for all his high-profile clients, no matter how dishonest or hostile they may be.

He takes advantage of individuals’s dumb mistakes by acting as a savior and saving them from the mess. However, his personal life is way more of a mess than he can ever handle.

In contrast to how much he despises his father, Tej and Jaffa, his brothers, are the people he understands best. A possible explanation: from a young age, he had to step in and play the role of a father figure because the real one was absent.

He gives his family everything they need, excluding quality time, for this reason. His work keeps him away from home and he gradually drifts away from them. With the exception of the apparent cultural variations, the storytelling in the series and Ray Donovan share many similarities.

However, this is what you get if you condense all seven seasons of the American series into a series of 10 episodes. The authors cannot capture the same compelling essence despite having extensive stories.

The most notable contrast is how the characters are only barely fleshed out, making them dependent on Rana for the progression of the story. In contrast, each character had their own story in the original series that ran concurrently with other plotlines and had a considerable arc over time.

It can’t be denied that they’ve an incredible cast of actors; even the younger cast members never feel uncomfortable. However, the flaws of the story eliminate everything.

Rana Naidu Ending Explained

Rana Naidu

The proven fact that nobody in Rana Naidu seems to have any good traits makes for an enchanting and deeply disturbing viewing experience.

To the very end, one is left to wonder if the entire idea of ​​righteousness as opposed to evil can be attributed to the idea put forward in Rana Naidu, which makes it difficult to support the archetypal good or bad character.

As the plot of our Mumbai-Hyderabad drama develops, Rana—the ostensible hero—becomes a darker, more brooding character, going to any lengths for the guys he serves. Naga, on the other hand—the archetypal villain—becomes more sympathetic after serving a 15-year term for murder.

Rana Daggubati, a Telugu actor, stars in the show as a fixer in response to any issue his “client” may have. But nothing for the issues that Naga, his father, creates.

Rana sends his father to jail; as a result, he accused him of killing a girl. Actually, Bollywood actor Prince was the one who did it. Later we find out that Prince killed her without thinking. However, the fact remains that Naga served 15 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Rana and his two brothers, Tej (Sushant Singh) and Jaffa (Abhishek Banerjee), are worried when he leaves before serving his 20-year sentence.

Although Rana and Naga have a difficult relationship (the son even refers to his father by name), the young man is kind and dedicated to his siblings and kids.

Admittedly, there are some ups and downs in Rana’s marriage with Naina (Surveen Chawla). In reality, Rana Naidu concentrates on the father-son cat and mouse game, even though there’s one instance when we are given to assume that Naga is killed.

But despite what we found so unbelievable, he lives. We are fed a wide range of scenarios as the series progresses, with Rana coming out on top. He wants to because he’s the protagonist, and Anshuman’s writing has the feel and look of a Telugu drama.