Rapper Kiernan AKA Forbe has been killed in a nightclub shooting in South Africa. We have seen how the life of celebrities is taken into account to be very easy but it’s not like that at all.

If we go deeper into their lives whether personal or professional, it’s much tougher than we can think of. And that’s the reason why the risk of having haters also increases which comes with death threats and life threatening situations.

Speaking of such then we have seen many rappers killed in a few years by a shot that broke not only the internet but many hearts of their fans.

Among them is the South African rapper called Kiernan AKA Forbes. Kiernan was 35 years old when he was killed in South Africa while enjoying the time in a nightclub. The rapper was known by his stage name called AKA Forbes.

According to some witnesses and the response present on the scene, while they were talking to the sources, it was said that the rapper was shot on the pavement. It was a sudden shot that came someplace around 10:00 pm Robert, said the person who spoke to the police:

“I can confirm that two men have been killed and one of them is a well-known rapper. The police will not yet release the names of the victims until a full investigation is completed.”

Rapper Kiernan killed in a South African Nightclub!

The New York Times

Two men came forward and killed the South African rapper. The investigation has started but, any confirmation related to the killer being anywhere near The rapper has not been confirmed yet. They started shooting the AKA continuously who first came with some injuries and later to death.

As soon as this news arrived, many tributes were paid to the rapper. Sometimes for his music while others thanked him for everything. People prayed for his soul and also for his family and friends. Some people also asked that security should be given to the family as they never know what will occur next.

It was recently when AKA was seen promoting his upcoming album through Instagram posts. He was seen doing a little photoshoots for the album. This path was made after only one year when he lost his boyfriend named Nelli. Nelli fell from her room in April 2021, in Cape Town.

Rapper Kiernan AKA is known for his song called Victory Lap. He is also the father of a daughter who was born in 2015 with his ex named DJ Zinhle.