A Japanese supernatural horror movie called “Re/Member” is currently available on Netflix. It seeks to shock audiences with diverse gory physical horror sequences while adding a powerful sense of drama.

The film follows highschool girl Asuka and her five classmates as they’re drawn into the paranormal and compelled to take part in the terrifying game Person Search, in which they must find the mutilated remains of natural dead body.

Even if “Re/Member” sometimes falls short because of the prosthetic and visual appeal of the scary moments, it can be an excellent choice if considered for exceptionally light and casual enjoyment.

End again/Member Explained

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The conclusion of “King/Member” could indicate that while being consumed by the Red Person erases his memories, completing the game and defeating the monster eventually preserves his memory.

Asuka, therefore, most likely remembers everything, but she is afraid that others won’t believe her if she approaches them. This argument may be accurate considering that only some participants would have published a book about the game if everybody had forgotten their experience.

Takahiro appears to be the only person consumed by the monster and still remembers the game. The only reason it can is due to unadulterated love. Takahiro remembers because of his love, which is how he comes across Asuka.

He may have remembered everything and was lying to avoid being believed in class. But now that he discovers his pin with Asuka, he takes everything that happened is true.

Another possibility is that everybody remembers what happened, but all of them avoid discussing it with their friends and believe it was a dream. As a result, close friends gradually disappear and are replaced by classmates and strangers.

However, the indisputable fact that Atsushi returns to school once the Body Game is over suggests that he may have recalled what he learned from the experience.

What is the “King/Member” Post Credits Scene?

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The well that Asuka had seen, or believed she had seen, many bloody hands coming out of is also seen in a post-credits sequence. A torn newspaper bearing the news of Miko Onoyama’s passing can be seen when the camera pans to the bottom of the well.

Then, the blood slowly appears on the newspaper, and Miko’s face changes into another girl her age, or an eight-year-old boy. In addition, the name is modified to “Asuka Morisaki.”

Asuka Morisaki also seems to have died, and the devil seems to have found his next soul to kidnap and reincarnate as the Red Person.

The line is set to run again. Once again, a select group of people will be chosen to search for Asuka’s severed body parts in 24 hours while being followed by the new Red Person (the devil disguised as the self Asuka’s bloody).

Therefore, we were correct in assuming that the line occurred at intervals, but we weren’t aware that they were so brief. Body Search will now proceed yet again. The question that remains is whether the killer responsible for these murders, which led to the hunt for the bodies, is the same person.

If so, is the killer related to the devil in any way? Or is a body search an opportunity occurrence targeting random murders by random killers?

What is strange is that this new young lady, Asuka Morisaki, is the Asuka who has been well known to us throughout the film. We are aware that she experienced visions and a semblance of the sixth sense.

Dan and Asuka scolded Takahiro as he informed the others about an incident at the theme park. It must be related to her visions and her name appearing in the newspaper at the bottom of the well and something she knows about and does not want anyone else to know happened there.

She is already dead and has been for some time. So the timeline may have been altered in some way. So, if we are correct, Asuka will soon become the next Red Person.

Although the post-credits sequence may leave viewers scratching their heads and formulating speculations, an upcoming sequel will likely explain Asuka’s story and, consequently, the idea of ​​the timeline as shown in this film.