Netflix is ​​here with its latest movie based on a teenage drama. Re/Member is a film that revolves around a few teenagers as the main leaders.

They find themselves stuck in a killer timeline that is certainly trying to take their lives. Will they survive? Will they hold together? You will must stream the movie in order to get answers.

But the main question that this article will be answering today is if Re/Member on Netflix worth a watch or if you must stream something else.

There is quite a lot of killer time-loop material on Netflix. So does King/Member stand out in that race? Read more to get your answers.

Should Watch Re/Member on Netflix or Not?

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Groundhog Dog was the first piece of content that popularized the story of individuals stuck in a endless timeline. Since then, time loops have been an interesting subject for films and series.

The concept of a time loop can be adventurous, mysterious, horror, action-packed, or even romantic. It is all about the narrator deciding the storyline around any of these.

This time, streaming giant Netflix released its own timeline movie, Re/Member. Here’s a bit about the timeline movie.

Re/Member is based on the manga adaptation of Japanese author Welzard, Karada Sagashi. It was illustrated by artist Katsutoshi Murase. When it was announced that Karada Sagashi would be made into a live action movie, fans of the manga went wild.

Re/Member delves into the lives of a bunch of Japanese students stuck in a timeline. Asuka Morisaki (Kanna Hashimoto) is the main lead of the film. The story begins when Asuka sees a ghost of a dead boy.

The ghost asks her to find the scattered parts of her corpse in her highschool. When Asuka gets there, she is accompanied by her childhood friend Takahiro (Gordon Maeda) together with her four other classmates, Rumiko (Yamamoto Maika), Atsushi (Kamio Fuji), Shota (Daigo Kotaro), and Rie (Yokota Mayuu).

The team must now fight the endless timeline they find themselves stuck in.

Stream It or Skip It?


Apart from a fantastic storyline, Re/Member finds itself falling back on attracting the interest of its audience. Bad dialogue delivery and poorly written character dynamics prove to be the two best reasons for this.

Although, if you’re into excellent VFX and are able to overlook all the other factors, then Re/Member can be added to your watch list.