Another competent mid-range option from this well-known company is the Realme GT Neo 3T. Boasting good performance, a 120Hz AMOLED screen, and fast charging. Although there’s fierce competition at this price point. It is strikingly similar to the Neo 2 from the previous year.

Realme GT Neo 3T: Design

Realme excels at pushing the limits of acceptable taste. An F1 flag appears to have been the inspiration for the distinctive checkerboard look of the Realme GT Neo 3T.

This brilliant yellow block design appears to have a shiny side when it catches the light. Even although the Realme GT Neo 3T has an understated look that’s quite traditional, you will not mistake it for the rest.

In addition, the phone boasts a tremendous brightness of up to 1300 nits. This makes legibility in direct sunlight exceptional, something that many other smartphones on the market find difficult to accomplish.

The display bezels are thin, and the bottom edge is barely wider. Under the display, there’s a functional fingerprint reader as well.


Realme GT Neo 3T

A 6.62-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and a higher refresh rate of 120Hz is included in the Realme GT Neo 3T. It is claimed that this screen can reach a maximum brightness of 1300 nits. Which makes it difficult to evaluate because it possibly happens when auto brightness is on and there’s direct sunlight.

Like the Neo 3, the back of the phone appears to be made of some sort of plastic, and the frame is constructed of polycarbonate. We felt much more comfy using it without a case because it does not look cheap or poor. Either way and the back cover is substantially safer than the glass back of its costlier sister.


Realme GT Neo 3T

Apart from a single front selfie camera, the Realme GT Neo 3T offers three rear cameras. They do not set the bar for their class, like most fairly priced Androids that emphasize gaming or performance. And the only particularly strong or intriguing camera is the primary camera.

When there’s enough light, the primary shooter can capture images that are vividly coloured and detailed. However, we discovered that it has problems with darker scenes as a result of the absence of optical image stabilization, and unintentional motion blur can be annoying to deal with.


Using Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, Realme has equipped its latest mid-range device. Even although this mid-range chip debuted in early 2021, it completely blew away the competition at the time even although it was a bit bigger.

Battery life

Realme GT Neo 3T

A 5000mAh battery is included in the Realme Neo 3T Dragon Ball Z version, the same as the previous Neo 2 model. There is a special animation that will appear on this phone when it needs to be charged.

You get an 80 watt super dart charger, which charges the batteries at the same rate as the Neo 3 and can charge them from empty to 50% charged in 8 minutes and 100% charged in 35 minutes.