Relative Famous Ranch Rules – Announcement of the Release Date!

Los Angeles, CA, December 6, 2021 – From Hollywood glamour to country style, E! brings eight celebrities together for the ride of a lifetime on a farm in Steamboat Springs. Let’s learn more about the upcoming series Relative Fame: Ranch Rules.

The season features hilarious misadventures and watersheds as players attempt to reopen Saddleback Ranch after it was closed for a year due to the pandemic. For two episodes, “Relative Famous Ranch Rules” will air Wednesday, January 12, from 9:00 to 23:00 ET/PT. The premiere episode’s special footage will be shown on Tuesday, December 7, at 11 p.m. ET/PT. This will immediately follow the “People’s Choice Awards” broadcast on E!

Famous for trading designer labels for cowboy boot, the players are trying to prove that they are more than their famous parents. The ranch owner assigned them all the messy, difficult, and sometimes outrageous work required to run a farm during their 30-day stay. The group bonds through the shared experiences of their parents, who are famous, as they deal with their difficult and sometimes uncomfortable life situations. Drama and tension quickly rises when people are unable to get along with each other. The crew is left wondering who will swim or sink during a hard day of work to reach their grand goal of opening the Saddleback Ranch to the public.

Relative Famous Ranch Rules Release Date

Relative Famous Ranch Rules - Announcement of the Release Date!

E! Entertainment has officially announced the premiere of Relative Famous: Ranch Rules on January 12, 2022.

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Ranch Rules: Meet the Cast of Relative Famous

Relative Famous Ranch Rules - Announcement of the Release Date!

Hana Giraldo is the daughter of rock legends Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar. She is also a musician, and entertainer. Hana says that her thick skin can be difficult to get rid of. Hana would never compromise her independence, no matter what the cost. Hana, who recently broke up with her husband, is now single and eager to start dating again on the farm.

Austin Gunn, a second-generation professional wrestler had to work twice as hard in order to impress his father, Wrestling Hall of Famer Billy Gunn. Austin enjoys being at the heart of ranch action and isn’t afraid to call out the weaker ones. Austin is open to romance and finds himself in the middle a new romance with another rancher.

Taylor Hasselhoff is the daughter of David Hasselhoff (hollywood beach boy), and is self-described “daddy girl”. Tay is a luxury agent in real estate and finds it hard to accept the pettiness of her group. Tay, a big animal lover and optimist, is willing to do her best for the farm.

Jasmin Lawrence, the daughter of Martin Lawrence, a comedian and actor, and Emmitt Smith’s stepdaughter is three-time Super Bowl champion and NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt. Jasmin is the oldest of seven children and often acts as a mother to her friends. Although she is open to admitting that her life has been a wonderful one, Jasmin is ready to take on new challenges.

Myles O’Neal, a model and DJ, is the son NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. His mother Shaunie O’Neal was reality matriarch Shaunie O’Neal. Myles, who has a big personality just like his father, is a standout in the group with his infectious smile and big personality. He was thrilled to meet the other farm residents. He was not used to sharing his space with others but he is eager to move out of his comfort zone.

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Redmond Parker, the son of actor Ray Parker Jr. and Grammy-Award winning musician Redmond Parker, is ready to take over the ranch. Redmond Parker is no stranger to hard work, determination and hard work, but farm life can be more difficult because of the strict schedule.

Harry James Thornton is the son of Academy Award-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton and is a prop master here in Los Angeles. Harry admitted that he had difficulties connecting with people in the past and hopes that this experience will help him to make lasting friendships.

Ebie, the daughter of Eazy-E (the pioneering hip-hop rapper), is now a rising performer and musician in Los Angeles. Ebie has had a rough start at the ranch. She can get easily annoyed by the more complicated tasks and she hopes that the life-changing experiences along the way will help her grow stronger.

Fremantle produces “Relative Famous Ranch Rules”, with Justin Berfield and Jason Felts as executive producers. Angela Rae Berg is also a producer.

Ranch Rules Trailer: Relative Famous

Relative Famous: Ranch Rules’ official trailer is now available on Youtube. You can view it here. Enjoy!

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