The Conjuring universe managed to make its space amongst the audience on the supernatural and horror genre. The Conjuring spanned two conjuring films and five spin-off films. Now the makers are coming up with the third part, but there are already some speculations about the installments of the fourth part of the film. Find the required details here:

Plotline and other information

Like every other part of the Conjuring, the third part will be an exhilarating and horrifying adventure. The film will be based on two paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The pair has already hunted some haunted cases in the past.

Conjuring 3 will show the story of a young boy fighting for his soul with the devil. And he’s going every possible way to save himself from the chains of evil. But this time they address a suspect in the United States of murder who asserts possessed demonic power for the act.

Conjuring 4 news in early development

Although we have not had the third part yet, the makers have already confirmed the fourth part of the film. It’s upcoming venture The conjuring 3 or The Conjuring: The devil Made Me Do it, has been delayed for nearly nine months, but amongst all, we are aware that the fourth part is already in the process. Sources claim that the film is still in progress but we still wait for the production to confirm it officially.

The Conjuring 3 Release Date

The Conjuration 3

The film is slated to release on 11 September 2020, but as a result of the continuous situations in the world, it has been rescheduled to release on 4 June 2021.

The Cast of The Conjuring 3

The cast looks quite interesting and we can see the upcoming actors in this upcoming horror thriller.

  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Julian Hilliard as David Glatzel
  • Sterling Jerins as Judy Warren
  • Shannon Kook as Drew Thomas
  • Ruairi O’Connor as Arne
  • Rebecca Lines as Witch Woman
  • Mitchell Hoog as Young Ed
  • Charlene Amoia as Judy Glatzel

It also includes other members such as Bonnie Aarons, Eugenie Bondurant, Stacy Johnson.

Let’s wait for this supernatural venture to hit the screens and the audience with gusto.