Episode 8 of The Last of Us is going everywhere and that’s why fans want to know what will occur or what is going on in this episode.

We can see many series and shows coming out and how fans easily get thrilled about them. Whether it’s related to the episodes or the characters or even the entire plot, everything falls under the same category.

It usually creates a level and anticipation amongst fans with each release. And that’s the reason why looking forward to the next episode or the last episode is among the common things.

The Last Of Us Episode 8 Expectations

The Last Of Us Episode 8
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The Last of Us is one of these series whose episode 8 is actually remarkable and noticed a lot amongst the fans. Joel and Ellie are still recovering from the deadly attack in Colorado.

In the last episode, we saw how time became the main hero where it came in front of a come back story linked to the introduction of Ellie. Ellie was seen rushing for medical supplies to save Joel and mend his wound.

According to the episode 8 trailer, Joel can be seen struggling with the injury. On the other hand Ellie is there to meet a group of survivors who were directly or indirectly involved in the attack.

One of these survivors was James. According to the trailer, it was indicated to continue from the same point where episode 7 ended.

While Troy Baker was previously announced to play some kind of new character in the show and appeared briefly in earlier footage. The Last of Us episode 8 teaser provides the most lovely view but at the same time with a part as survivor James.

James, initially played by Reuben Langdon in Devil May Cry, was one of the cannibals Ellie encountered in the game who approximately thwarted her efforts to safeguard Joel as he healed.

Interestingly, the teaser seems to hint that The Last of Us show is elaborating better on their responsibilities, with group leader David even trying to convince Ellie to join his group at one point.

The Last Of Us Episode 8 Release Date

The Last Of Us Episode 8
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Baker confirms the series in episode 8 where the question arises whether the next chapter will be related to the original Ellie or not. Or is she related to the mother in the show? The answer is not revealed as it will depend upon the release of episode 8.

It comes with the release of The Last of Us episode 8 then it will come on March 6, 2023. The day will be Monday and the name of the episode will be When We Are In Need. It will then be followed by episode 9 called Look For The Light which will be released quite soon at 2:00 am on 13 March 2023.