Rihanna Appeared Hand In Hand With A$AP Rocky For Whiskey Launch! Many celebrities these days are pictured with their partner holding hands.

Whether it’s related to attending any event or simply having a normal date, plenty of romantic movement is caught on camera. And if he does that people can not help but appreciate the fashion sense or the looks of these celebrities.

If we discuss such things then the recent one who is giving back to back appearances is Rihanna. She was recently spotted wearing a black mini dress while holding hands with A$AP Rocky for a whiskey launch.

The 34-year-old singer Rihanna was recently seen with her boyfriend Rocky while she was launching the latest project.

A$AP Rocky’s latest whiskey-related project. The party was all about the new Canadian blended whiskey and the couple appeared together in fashionable attire.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky from Whiskey Launch.


Coming to Rihanna then she looked as charming as ever in a black velvet dress with long sleeves and her opening at the bottom was giving the taste. The singer was also seen wearing a black coat and gloves. Coming to her boyfriend then he also appeared wearing a black coat and white shirt with blue jeans.

As for accessories, Rihanna was seen wearing a long chain and very natural makeup with her skinny sandals.

Coming to Rocky, he was then wearing diamond earrings and sunglasses that matched his outfit and black shoes. Rihanna’s hair was down while the red lipstick was taking all the coverage. Meanwhile, Rocky was seen having a cigarette while walking hand in hand with his girlfriend.

Just before this issue, the couple had made headlines with their ice cream date. The couple were spotted together at a European-inspired restaurant in Los Angeles while having ice cream.

The couple was there in the restaurant and they had their favourite dessert. With the great desert, the couple was also seen in astonishing clothes including black leather jackets and jeans.

When Rihanna and Rocky weren’t attending any parties or events or having dinner together then they’re busy taking care of their son. Besides being great lovers, they’re also great parents and very private about it. And that’s the reason why they’ve kept the identity of their 6-month-old baby hidden from the public.

According to the source, it’s a new chapter in their life since they became a parent. It is not related to their responsibility to improve but because of the relationship between Rihanna and Rocky they’ve been upgraded and become very strong.