Rihanna was recently seen wearing crop tops and jeans for her maternity fashion after announcing her second pregnancy. We have seen how celebrities usually handle every kind of fashion in their own way and make it their style.

Sometimes it’s related to attending events while other times casual outings may suit best. And if we speak about maternity fashion then certain celebrities in Hollywood are known to at all times give the better of it.

One of them is the 34-year-old singer Rihanna. The singer was recently spotted being photographed for the first time after her Super Bowl 2023 performance.

The singer announced her second pregnancy during the performance. She was recently seen in California on Friday in a really fashionable outfit and was another trendsetter for maternity fashion.

Rihanna opted for a fur coat with a graphic t-shirt and baggy jeans. She was wearing black and white sneakers. The singer also went with sunglasses while her hair was pulled back.

Coming to her accessories she then appeared with several earrings and a necklace that matched her pink lipstick.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky from their Outing.


Rihanna was not paying too much attention to the photographers as she was about to answer the restaurant. It was only after a week when she decided to show her baby bump.

Coming towards Super Bowl performance then set many new records. For the performance the singer chose all red, from her dress to her lipstick, which was defining the frame of her face.

It was back in May 2022 when Rihanna gave birth to a baby with their boyfriend A$AP Rocky. The couple decided to disclose the baby’s face but the name has not yet been revealed.

They are still attempting to find privacy concerns as they do not want any kind of disruption in their kids’s lives. And that’s the reason why she can do the same for her upcoming baby.

According to Rihanna, she is protecting the baby as far as they’ve not given any kind of allowance to anyone to post or sell photos of her daughter. Because her child is still a minor and that’s why why they’re paying too much attention to her.

She handled her pregnancy, particularly the first pregnancy well and that’s why why fans are attempting to find more maternity fashion that can come with a casual outfit or some astonishing event dress.