Rihanna was recently spotted in some great maternity fashion sense while out for dinner!

Pregnant Rihanna was seen wearing a mini dress and jacket while out for dinner. There are many celebrities who define fashion in their own way.

These celebrities decided not to follow the trend and set one on their own. Talking about things like this then Hollywood is one place where we have seen fashion come in numerous forms.

Each fashion defines the style in addition to the personality of the celebrities. And amongst them there’s a famous Maternity fashion worn by some famous people.

Singer Rihanna is one of those who defines Maternity fashion in many ways. And the same happened recently with her second pregnancy as he decided to go to her favourite restaurant.

Pregnant Rihanna Spotted In New Hooded Look Just Before Delivering Second Baby!


The singer looked fashionable as ever while out for dinner on June 9, 2023. She was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a white and grey hoodie and a mini dress.

The singer appeared in heels and carried a different style in a casual outfit. Rihanna was also wearing a jacket over the top of her dress. She was glowing certainly referring to the time of her first pregnancy.

We can expect a second baby anytime now. When it comes to the overall look, she decided to go with the red lipstick in addition to the highlighter all coming from her brand.

When it comes to this look then she decided to be alone without anyone’s company. However, in the previous days, we saw Rihanna taking the company of her boyfriend Rocky while she was at a different restaurant.

She went public with her second pregnancy during her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance in February 2023. The singer appeared in a red bodysuit and also promoted her brand FENTY.

When it comes to the second pregnancy then Rihanna tried to keep it very much out of the spotlight. And for the same reason some of the members of the family weren’t even aware of the pregnancy including her father until it was revealed on stage.

When it comes to the feeling of the second pregnancy, the singer herself shared it and said that it’s affecting her in a different way. She is not having as much desire as there was in the first pregnancy.