Rihanna revealed in a recent interview that she wants to have more babies with A$AP Rocky. It is quite common for folks to have a desire for more babies in their life.

The same goes for celebrities who have recently become parents and are looking forward to having more babies. The responsibilities they took and the work they did all the time made them feel like a new person and it’s the reason why they want to live this moment for a long period in their lives.

If we discuss things like this then many celebrities fall on this list and amongst them is the singer Rihanna. Rihanna wants to have more kids with A$AP Rocky as she has all the time dreamed of becoming a mother.

The 35-year-old singer Rihanna has just welcomed a baby into her life with her boyfriend Rocky. Loving the experience of being a mother and having responsibilities, Rihanna wants to have more babies in her life.

She already has baby fever and wants to have it again. The only reason behind it’s that she all the time wanted to be a mother and she feels pleased with it. And that’s why having more kids with Rocky would be nothing short of a dream.

What else did Rihanna share about having more Babies with A$AP Rocky?


According to a source, the couple loves one another so much that they’re giving their best time. They became a terrific team together in the role of parent and that’s the reason why they’re taking excellent care of their baby.

According to reports, Rihanna will perform at the 2023 Super Bowl. So the singer will be very busy in the coming weeks. She is due for her 5-month-old baby so the couple has not yet revealed their name. And the same goes for her new album which is rumored to be coming soon.

One thing that’s all the time there between these two is love. The relationship between Rihanna and Rocky is better than ever because of a new arrival in their lives.

According to the source: “Rihanna saw a entirely different side of Rocky that she had never known. She has fallen more in love with him since they welcomed their son into this world and she cherishes every moment when she sees Rocky and their son together.”

The same source continued and said: “Rocky was everything. She told her friends that she cannot imagine doing this with anyone but him by her side, he’s so supportive and loving. Seeing him hold their son makes her love him in a whole new way.”