Rihanna’s father was unaware of Rihanna’s pregnancy as he found out through her performance at the Super Bowl. There are many things in celebrities that they want to keep very private and don’t want to disclose to fans unless and until they’re ready for it.

And if we speak about all these in a selected way then one cannot forget about the privacy and the issues that are related to their kids.

From pregnancy to birth and then growing up, some celebrities want to manage everything without any interference or the presence of media or cameras in their lives.

The same happened with singer Rihanna who announced her pregnancy at the Super Bowl. While on the other hand, her father Ronald Fenty was not at all aware of her pregnancy.

It means that the singer was keeping it very private and wanted to surprise her proud father. According to the father himself, he attended the big game and it was Rihanna who gave him the tickets.

The last moment she recognized her baby bump was when she was on stage at the Super Bowl.

Soon her father reacted in a really surprising way by calling her pregnant. Rihanna decided not to tell all of them this stuff maybe because she wanted to surprise them.

But when her father finally found out then he can not help but be thrilled about her. What he’s wishing for is a healthy child for his daughter.

Rihanna announced her pregnancy at the Super Bowl 2023!


When it comes to the other part then he’s just her boyfriend A$AP Rocky who was aware of the pregnancy. Rocky himself shares a fantastic bond with his father and his father Rihanna and that’s why why he wants to do the same with his kids.

Coming to Rihanna’s parents then he has already got every kind of approval as they think the boy is a tremendous person.

The father also spoke or gave comments related to Rihana and Rocky getting married sometime soon or in the future. In response to her father said that he’s not aware of the marriage and to be honest it depends on the couple to make it official or call it a marriage.

If Rihanna is not making headlines related to her fashion then she’s making it with her new maternity look. She was looking charming as ever in a crop top and jeans that was showing off her belly bump.