Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Update: As The Rising of the Shield Hero gained many fans, and now that it’s back with another season 2 fans and lovers of the show are eagerly waiting for its official renewal. and they’re also passionately waiting for the official announcement on the date of its release.

For all the fans who are proud of the second season renewal, they should even be happy to know that the show is already preparing for season 3 even before the release of season 2. The third season renewal it was made during the time when the world was in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3: Update

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3

Season 3 of The Rising of the Shield Hero is anticipated to be released in 2021. The serial thriller was expected to be released this year but for the pandemic the show was delayed, not only this show just about all the projects in the industry were delayed. and stopped indefinitely.

Crunchyroll also posted it in a tweet saying “The Rising of the Shield Hero 2 is coming to Crunchyroll 2021.”

The cast 0f the new season has not yet been revealed. but we can expect that Naofumi Iwatani Raphtalia and Filo will return with their respective roles in this season as well. In the previous season the series already had a beautiful rating which also helped the viewers to increase its viewership. and since of that the fans are eagerly waiting for the season of the season.

The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 is about the protagonist Naofumi Iwatani and the story revolves around him, and the character who was called to a parallel world together with three other young men from a parallel universe to become the Cardinal Heroes of the world and fight inter- dimensional hordes of monsters called waves.

The young tanuki demi-human girl Raphtalia, and the bird-like monster Filo will also face a new enemy, who will be more powerful and dangerous than any other character they’ve ever met.