Robbing Mussolini, also known as Rapiniamo il Duce, is an ambitious action-comedy heist film from Italy for which Netflix has released an thrilling and action-packed trailer.

A disparate crew of resistance fighters come together to rob the fascist headquarters in Milan of Mussolini’s loot during the latter stages of World War II. They want to take back all the legendary wealth that belonged to Benito Mussolini, the so-called “Duke of Fascism.” Pietro Castellitto, Matilda De Angelis, Filippo Timi, Tommaso Ragno, Luigi Fedele, Eugenio di Fraia, and Isabella Ferrari are amongst the actors who appear in the film.

Produced by Angelo Barbagallo, this is directed by Renato de Maria. The plot centers on a Milanese businessman who joins a group of outcasts during the Second World War in order to carry out a classy robbery of the famous fortune that belonged to Benito Mussolini, the Duke of Fascism.


Isola and his team are informed one day that Mussolini had hidden his wealth, worth an undetermined amount, right here in Milan before his trip to Switzerland. They make the silly decision to rob the Duce.

The narrative has some elements of fact. Mussolini’s wealth was certainly real, however, nobody is certain of its current whereabouts. Inspired by characters who really lived, we made a story a few gang of criminals who committed a robbery while mainly thinking about how to live.

Robbing Mussolini Release Date

Rob Mussolini

The film Robbing Mussolini is set in the past. It is both a love story and a heist film. It contains comical elements while also drawing inspiration from comics. It combines several genres and borrows from many of them.

Making this film really pushed me to the test and asked me to step out of my comfort zone. Did you enjoy creating it? In an enormous way. Was it exhausting? Terribly. Was it worthwhile? I sincerely hope it’s.

The intriguing trailer for the action-adventure film Robbing Mussolini, which will be available on Netflix on October 26, 2022, has just been revealed by the streaming behemoth. The action comedy heist movie Robbing Mussolini features humor and an thrilling escape.

A ragged band of resistance fighters plan an impossibly difficult heist near the end of World War II is the central plot of the film. The purpose of the robbery was to take Mussolini’s wealth from the fascist headquarters in Milan, which belonged to the man called the Duke of Fascism, Benito Mussolini.

Cast list:

Rob Mussolini
  • Pietro Castellitto
  • Matilda De Angelis
  • Filippo Timi
  • Tommaso Ragno
  • Luigi Fedele
  • Eugenio di Fraia
  • Isabella Ferrari

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