On Netflix, Run Rabbit Run is described as a thriller rather than a supernatural.

The psychological thriller Run Rabbit Run combines ambiguity and confusion throughout, ending with a climax that’s as complicated as it’s thrilling.

Run Rabbit Run is a Netflix an original Australian psychological thriller film. Although the film started with an intriguing idea, the finale of Run Rabbit Run has some confusing and unknown parts that need explanation. Read on to learn what happened in the finish and what implications can be derived from it.

Run Rabbit Run Ending Explained: What Happened to Alice? Is Mia dead? And the Hidden Truth of the End of Run Rabbit Run!

Run Rabbit Run
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Sarah observes the thudding barn door as Mia sleeps quietly. When she opens the cabinet inside the barn, little Alice appears, saying that Sarah had locked her inside.

Sarah uses a rabbit trap to hurt Alice. Mia notices everything. She runs home and locks herself inside her room.

Sarah continues to knock on the door, trying to excuse herself, believing that Alice is inside. She smacks herself and knocks herself.

According to a flashback sequence, Sarah followed Alice like this when they were younger. All this happened, including locking Alice inside the barn cabinet and beating her with a rabbit trap. Sarah followed Alice to the edge of the cliff and chased her away.

Was the last scene of Run Rabbit Run a hallucination for Alice and Mia?

Run Rabbit Run
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Mia gets out of bed at the end of the movie to find her stray white rabbit. Sarah gets up, walks to the front window, and sees Mia and another girl walking hand in hand to the cliff near the house.

Sarah realizes the other girl is Alice when the girls turn around. Sarah starts screaming and banging on the window, but they continue to leave.

On Netflix, Run Rabbit Run is described as a thriller rather than a supernatural. The issue of ghosts or spirits is never mentioned. The film addresses the subject of mental health on several occasions.

When Sarah explains the separation from her mother and the disappearance of her sister, the trauma is commonly referred to. Considering these facts, the most probably interpretation is that Sarah imagines Mia and Alice going hand in hand.

Is Mia dead?

Run Rabbit Run

When Pete arrives at her old house, Sarah is lost and writhing on the ground. She arrives when she hears Pete’s voice and hears him knocking on the door.

They discover that Mia is missing and search for her in the desert and near the cliff. Sarah fears that she pushed her daughter off the cliff.

Sarah sees a corpse floating in the water and dives in. Inside, she notices Alice. Pete appears back to help Sarah, who does not seem to save anyone. Sarah observes Mia alone closely after she leaves the water. It was hidden and safe.

The Hidden Truth of the End.

Run Rabbit Run

The prevalent topic of mental health throughout Run Rabbit Run helps us understand the finale. The main point is that individuals cannot move on from their previous traumas and mistakes until they face the issues.

Sarah is at all times avoiding her history, her family, and the memories of her sister, which causes her to experience disturbing hallucinations. She might not have harmed her daughter if she had taken the time to recover properly.

Instead, she falls deeper into her mental sickness. Another significant verdict is that people shouldn’t identify themselves based on their worst mistakes.

Sarah causes the most damage to Mia when she sees flashbacks of Alice’s injuries in Run Rabbit Run.