The narrative of Run Rabbit Run features Sarah, a gynecologist with practical convictions about the meaning of life.

Run Rabbit Run, Netflix’s upcoming psycho-horror thriller is set to release this month following its global premiere at this year’s Sundance Thriller Festival in January.

This all new Australian horror film is directed by Daina Reid, who is also known for his work on The servant’s taleand written by Hannah Kent.

Run Rabbit Run, which was shot in numerous locations around Australia, continues an in depth list of already successful Australian horror films such as The Babadook, Relic, Bloody Hell, and others.

Although the film got mixed reviews at its premiere at Sundance, opinions are expected to change after its international streaming distribution. After all, horror is a popular genre, and audiences are continually on the lookout for fresh, more creative monsters that keep them on the edge of their seats.

While you wait for the movie to come out, read on for all the details on everything we know about Run Rabbit Run.

What is the plot of Run Rabbit Run?

Run Rabbit Run

The narrative of Run Rabbit Run features Sarah, a gynecologist with practical convictions about the meaning of life.

However when she notices her little girl, Mia, acting oddly and becomes infatuated with Sarah’s dead sister, Sarah’s ideas and knowledge about both life and her daughter are put to the test. proof

Is there a release date for Run Rabbit Run?

Run Rabbit Run
About Netflix

On June 28, 2023, Run Rabbit Run will be available only on Netflix. The psychological horror film premiered on January 19 as part of the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. In addition, the film will be shown at the Sydney Film Festival in June 2023.

Is there a Trailer Run Rabbit Run?

Yes, there absolutely is! As the teaser indicates, the narrative revolves around Sarah’s seven-year-old daughter, Mia, who is fascinated by dead people and their places in the afterlife.

When she hears about Sarah’s sister, who passed when she was 7 years old, similar to Mia’s current age, her interest evolves into an obsession.

The little girl’s obsession with a dead girl of an analogous age and her personal preferences, such as her fondness for rabbits, take a disturbing turn.

Sarah is forced to confront her family’s terrible history while concurrently coping with her daughter’s troublesome behavior.

In some ways, the film also looks at the mother-daughter connection and the way a mother tries to negotiate the inquisitive, obsessive and troublesome personality of her developing child.

Who is in the cast of Run Rabbit Run?

Run Rabbit Run

The main cast of the film includes:

Sarah Snook as Sarah

Lily LaTorre as Mia

Shabana Azeez as Nowa

Greta Scacchi as Joan

Damon Herriman as Pete

Julia Davis as Gail

Georgina Naidu as Andrea

Trevor Jamieson as Sandy

Means Atwood

Genevieve Morris

Neil Melville as Albert

Katherine Slattery as Jordie

Naomi Rukavina as Denise