There was a rumor that American actress Savannah Welch is about to exit the popular drama series. The Good Doctor.

Savannah, who was an influential actor, popular musician and also hosts a podcast titled Enough About Music started her career in 2006 with the show Jumping Off Bridge, she became an instant fan favourite with her incredible performance on the show and this was beginning. of her incredible career in which she worked in huge films like ChildhoodThe Trea of ​​Life and Song for Song.

Savannah is the daughter of a popular singer and songwriter Kevin Welch and her exposure to acting and music was inevitable, and her life was nothing less than a turvy topsy ride. In 2016, she was involved in an accident in Wimberley, Texas where she was hit by a car and which resulted in a horrible result in which her right leg was amputated by doctors because it could no longer heal.

Good Doctor star actress Savannah Welch is about to exit the show.

Savannah Welch

Before the unfortunate accident, Welch was already a part of 18 films and shows but even after the accident, she continued to appear in one film and four television series including Six, Titans and The Good Doctor. Welch has been part of The Good Doctor as Dr. Danica “Danni” Powell since 2022, she became part of the show from season 6 which premiered on October 3, 2022.

Now, it has been said that Welch won’t be part of the next season as she was fired from her job in the last episode, several sources have confirmed the exit of the actress from the show, while a few other sources have denied the allegations.

Meanwhile the fans are just waiting for the next episode to see Welch and the final episode will be enough to know the future of the actress in the series, there was no official confirmation either from the show or from the actress about her future, so it is going to be interesting to see who happens in the next episode.