Say I Love You Season 2: Can it be possible??

Will there be Say It Loves You Season 2?

Say I Love You (Sukitte ii na Yo), as its title suggests, is a romance and drama-shoujo anime that centers around the school theme. This anime tells the story of Mei Tachibana (a high school girl) who chooses to avoid people following a series of miscommunications with her friend. Her life was changed forever when she met Yamato Kurosawa, a popular boy at school.

Say I Love You anime is adapted from a manga with the same title, written and illustrated Kanae Hazuki. From February 23rd 2008 to July 24th 2017, the manga series was published in the Dessert manga journal. Fans outside Japan can enjoy the manga series as an English-language version has been published by Kodansha Comics USA between April 29th, 2014 and December 19th, 2017. It was also published by Tong Li Publishing Co. Ltd in Chinese. ; in French by Pika Edition, and in Italian and GP Manga.

Asako Hyuga also directed the live-action movie that adapted the original story. It was shown in Japan on July 12, 2014. Zexcs is producing Say I Love You, an anime series. This studio is also responsible for Diabolik Lovers, and Bakuten, the sports anime. You!

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Can Say I Love You Season 2 be made?

Say I Love You Season 2: Can it be possible??

The first season of Say I Love You aired 13 episodes from October 7th 2012 to December 30th 2012. Specials were available with 10 episodes, Say You Love Mei and Marshmallow Meow. A single OVA episode was also included as a follow-up to the first season. Many anime fans were curious if there would be a second season after the Say It I Love You OVA. Will there be Say I love you Season 2?

We have not received any information about the location of Say I Love You Season 2 as of yet. Although we are unable to confirm any information at this time, there are some things you might be interested in about Say I Love You Season 2.

First, the source material is sufficient for Zexcs’ Say I Love You Season 2. The first season only covered 29 chapters of the manga. However, the manga has 71 chapters and is way ahead of the anime. The source material is enough to renew the season. Therefore, the studio could continue the story in the same chapter as the first season.

There is still the possibility of Say I Love You Season 2 being released. However, chances are low. However, anything could happen in anime. The Light Novel Expo on March 6 announced that the third season of 2013’s anime The Devil is a Part-Timer would be getting a second series. You can’t lose hope for Say I Love You Season 2.

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Season 2 of Say I Love You Plot

Say I Love You Season 2: Can it be possible??

Mei was defeated by Megumi in the School Idol Contest. The winner will receive a date with Yamato.

Mei claims she is fine with it. However, Mei has never been able to hide her emotions and her friends can see that she is concerned. Mei visits Yamato’s older brother in his salon and hears all about his feelings… and discovers something about love.

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Action: Say I Love You

Mei Tachibana is a high school student who has had an unpleasant experience which leads her to avoid friendships and be lonely. Her life changed dramatically when she met Yamato Kurosawa, a well-known guy.

Although they were not much at first, Yamato saved her from a stalker and she started to feel for him. They began dating after they realized their mutual feelings. She also made new friends and found a new boyfriend. Mei Tachibana is shown as she struggles to adjust to her new life, particularly when it comes time to express her true feelings towards Yamato.

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