Netflix has posted a trailer for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, its follow-up animated adaptation of the Charles Dickens Christmas classic.

The adaptation is a really traditional animated version, with some great character designs and a few fun animals but acting as a fairly easy telling of the narrative.

A Christmas Carol, probably the most recognized Christmas stories of all time, has had several great film and tv versions, but it has been a while since one was a big smash.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Official Trailer

The current version of the classic story, as shown in the two-minute trailer for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, is much more colourful than previous versions, with Netflix promising a supernatural, time-traveling musical recreation of the a classic Christmas story with “melodies reimagined.”

Everyone else in London appears in the carriage happy because it’s the most fantastic time of the year: Christmas. Scrooge is initially seen pushing two small kids aside so he can walk between them.

Scrooge then informs his employee, Bob Cratchit, that the ink he’s using for his work will be deducted from his wages (a slight twist on the classic tale, where Scrooge scolds Cratchit for using too much coal to heat the office, not too much. ink).

Finally, after walking furiously through the snow to his huge, empty mansion where he lives alone, he’s confronted by the spirit of his dead business partner—Jacob Marley, who informs Scrooge of the three ghosts others who will visit him during the night.

Evans makes a wonderful Scrooge, and judging by the trailer, he’s in desperate need of Christmas cheer. Hopefully the three spirits who come to see him can do their work as usual.

Characters we saw in the trailer.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Luke Evans plays Scrooge
Johnny Flynn plays Bob Cratchit
Jonathan Pryce plays Jacob Marley
Olivia Colman plays the ghost of Christmas Past
Trevor Dion Nicholas plays the spirit of the Christmas Present

The excellent voice cast for this Scrooge story includes Jessie Buckley as Isabel Fezziwig, Fra Fee as Harry Huffam, Giles Terera as Tom Jenkins, and James Cosmo as Mr. Fezziwig.

The late Leslie Bricusse OBE wrote the music for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, and had a long career in the industry, receiving two Academy Awards and a Grammy for his work.

Jeremy Holland-Smith (Atonement) also contributed to the film’s score as an arranger and producer. The film’s producers were Ralph Kamp, Andrew Pearce, and Bricusse, with Rebecca Kamp and Gareth Kamp serving as co-producers.

On November 18 in the United States, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol will be shown in a few cinemas. On December 2nd, it is going to be accessible on Netflix.