Season 2 of Drifters: When will it be available??

Is there a Drifters Season 2? When will we see it?

Drifters is one the many medievals in the anime world that contains fantasy elements. It is classified under action, adventure, and genres. The show has comedic elements that will entertain viewers.

Drifters is a medieval-themed anime. It focuses primarily on historical and, interestingly, samurai themes. If the word “samurai” has a unique meaning in your dictionary then Drifters is for you.

Drifters began as a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated initially by KoutaHirano. Since April 30, 2009, it has been serialized by Shonen Gahosha in his seinen manga magazine The Young King Ours.

The manga series was also published in other languages, such as English by Dark Horse Comics from August 24, 2011, Brazilian Portuguese by Nova Sampa depuis June 2014, Spanish by Norma Editorial depuis April 14, 2011, and Polish by J.P.Fantastica depuis June 2016.

Season 2 Renewal Status for Drifters

Season 2 of Drifters: When will it be available??

A 150-second anime short was first released in conjunction with the December 2012 final volume of Hellsing Ultimate. In the May 2015 issue Young King OURs, the announcement was made that the anime adaptation was in progress.

Hoods Entertainment, Hoods Drifters Studio animated the adaptation. This studio is best known for anime releases like 3D Kanojo and Mysterious Girlfriend X.

Drifters, an anime series that aired for 23 days in 2016, was premiered on October 7. The anime was then followed by three additional episodes, which act as a sequel. The first two episodes were simultaneously released on December 23, 2017 and the final on November 30, 2018.

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Many fans were eager to see the next episode after the third ova episode was released. What is the status of Drifters Season 2’s renewal? What date will Drifters Season 2 be renewed?

We have not yet received any information from either the author or the studio about Drifters Season 2. It is unknown if Drifters will be renewed or not. However, the show has not been cancelled so it could return.

Is Drifters Season 2 possible?

Season 2 of Drifters: When will it be available??

Drifters Season 2 is likely to be possible, fortunately. This is because the manga series is still alive and well, with the 8th volume being the most recent release.

Most adaptations are done to promote the source. If the source is still selling, then a season renewal might be possible considering the profit both sides (author, studio) will make.

The anime series Drifters was very well received by the viewers. It has been viewed by around 470k people and received a 7.91 rating in MyAnime List.

The studio also hinted at the possibility of the anime series returning. The third episode of the ova reveals that the anime series will be receiving a continuation. It is not known what the details will be. We can only hope for the best.

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The reason the anime series isn’t renewed is because the source material isn’t sufficient to warrant another run. The first season already adapts the first 45 chapters. The ova episodes have adapted many chapters beyond that. We would need to wait a while before we see a sequel to the manga series, which currently has around 79 chapters.

Drifters Action

Toyohisa is the rearguard for his retreating troops at the Battle of Sekigahara, 1600. He is severely wounded when he suddenly discovers himself in a bright white, modern hallway. Toyohisa finds himself in a world that is completely different to his own, surrounded by a calm man named Murasaki.

This strange land is home to all kinds of amazing creatures as well as warriors who are believed to have died in different eras of Toyohisa’s history. Toyohisa quickly makes friends with the legendary warlord Nobunaga Oda and the archer Yoichi Sketaka Nasu to learn about the political turmoil sweeping across the continent. They have been summoned to fight the “Ends”, who created the Orte Empire, and want to destroy the Drifters.

The Empire’s persecutions of demihumans and elves grows as the Ends become more powerful. Toyohisa and his unconventional heroes must fight in a new world war to aid the Empire’s subjects, protect the land they claim and challenge the Ends.

(Source: MyAnimeList)

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