Secret Invasion, there was an addition to the hype of the tv mini-series.

Recently Secret Invasion released its first five minutes. Marvel is a big production brand now releasing movies nearly every year.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the number 1 superhero universe in the world that has tons of superheroes under their rights section.

And Marvel at all times tries to make the most of it by making spectacular movies and series. The universe started with Iron Man and his last one includes Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. The next project that Marvel will launch under its name will be Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion will be a television mini-series that will be coming in June 2023. The series will feature the re-entry of Nick Fury, the character who is the leader of the Avengers. Nick Fury has been away from the universe ever since Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Fans have been speculating on Nick Fury’s whereabouts. And now, Marvel will show the story where Nick Fury has been until today. The television mini-series will show the different actions that Nick Fury would do in the absence that the fans observed a lot.

Speaking of Secret Invasion, there was an addition to the hype of the tv mini-series. Marvel released some clips from the series. Yes, that is completely right.

Marvel is at all times looking to do wonders with regards to creating hype for the series. And this time, the production giant has done it by releasing a 5-minute clip from the tv mini-series.

But it’s Marvel after all. The production giant doesn’t release anything without adding suspense to it.

And this time, he did it by making a whole web page and putting a password to access the file. Here’s all about the 5-minute clip.

Marvel Releases 5-Minute Clip From Secret Invasion By Making Web Page And Adding Password For File Access.

Secret Invasion

Marvel has surprised its fans by releasing a 5-minute clip from the upcoming Secret Invasion TV mini-series. Yes, that’s right.

Marvel has made a web page to access the secret file and there’s even a password to access the file.

The password for this secret file is RSD3PX5N7S. This was made available to fans via Marvel’s official Twitter handle. Login with this password to watch the official 5 minute clip we have been talking about.