Selena Gomez recently revealed how Lupus Medication makes her handshake. We have seen how celebrities normally get criticism for each activity they do.

Whether it’s related to their fashion or related to their normal life, they normally undergo a lot in their life.

And that’s the reason why clarification is very necessary, even though they try to avoid it most of the time.

If we discuss such things then some deep reason behind their sensitive activities remains unknown till the time they come forward and discuss it.

It was recently when 30-year-old Selena Gomez took to the comments section of Tik Tok to explain why her hand was shaking. After receiving lots of criticism and trolls from many people, Selena Gomez decided to come and clarify why her hand was shaking in the recent video. The reason behind it was her Lupus Medication.

We are aware of Selena Gomez’s condition as she is going through a lot in her life. Whether it’s related to physical health or mental health, she has seen many such things in her life which gave some devastating result.

The same is going on because of Lupus and his medicine. It is not the first time that we are seeing Selena Gomez’s hands shake a lot as a result of weakness.

Here’s what else Selena Gomez shared about Lupus Medication Made Her Shake.

Selena Gomez

It was back in 2022 and 2021 when many videos of handshaking while cooking came out. Fans are completely aware of the condition however, some trollers and a few haters never take the time to research the celebrity condition. Instead of being quiet, Selena Gomez decided to comment and respond to all the criticism she is receiving.

It is also about her mental health that has become the talk of the town. When Selena Gomez finally came out with her mental health then many haters trolled her because it was very dramatic. However, Selena Gomez deals with things in a really different and mature way which can be seen in her documentary series.

If we discuss her documentary series then she was very clear about her mental health and also how her name all the time comes up with it Justin Bieber. She just wanted to live alone without being related to any name or any person.

Even after so many years of separation, the singer is being criticized for her past relationship. Currently, she is dating Drew Taggart who is well known to be the DJ of a duo group called The Chainsmokers.

Drew Taggart and Selena Gomez were also spotted on a bowling date. Both were very snug with one another and were seen in their casual clothes. Currently, they’re very happy in this relationship however, they want to keep it very private.