The release date for The Last Kingdom, the famous hit movie sequel, has been announced for Netflix. According to sources, the movie titled “Seven Kings Must Die” is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in April 2023.

The streaming service also recently posted some brand new images for the film, giving fans a look at what’s to come.

The story that began in “The Last Kingdom” will be continued in “Seven Kings Must Die”, which continues the adventures of Uthred of Bebbanburg.

Along with Alexander Dreymon’s character Uthred, it will also feature characters from previous seasons of the series. Uthred, his allies, and his enemies can be seen preparing for battle in recent pics. Ed Bazalgette will direct the film, and Martha Hillier will write the script.

Carnival Films, which is a division of Universal International Productions, is the production company behind the film Seven Kings Must Die.

In addition to Hillier, Dreymon, who served as executive director of The Last Kingdom, will also serve in this role for Seven Kings Must Die. To learn more about this movie, read this article till the end.

Seven Kings Must Die Release Date

Seven Kings Must Die
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It was announced that the premiere of Seven Kings Must Die on Netflix will take place on April 14, 2023. The movie does not have a trailer yet, but we expect to see one soon. It has been revealed that the film will last around 120 minutes.

Seven Kings Must Die is currently filming in Hungary, according to a tweet from The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter account in late January 2022.

After three months of filming, production ended on March 19, 2022. Overall, 663 days of filming were spent between the first season and the film.

Who Are The Expected Cast Members?

Seven Kings Must Die

In the press release for Seven Kings Must Die it was announced that Alexander Dreymon would be returning to play the part of Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the upcoming film.

In addition, it has been confirmed that several characters from the show, in addition to a few new ones whose names haven’t yet been revealed, will return to reprise their parts. The following cast members are anticipated to return:

Olly Rhodes will appear in the role of Osbert
Finn Elliott will appear in the role of Young Uhtred
Ruby Hartley will appear in the role of Stiorra
Rod Hallett will appear in the role of King Constantin
Timothy Innes will appear in the role of King Edward
Cavan Clerkin will appear in the role of Father Pyrlig
Stefanie Martini she will appear in the role of Lady Eadith
Mark Rowley will be seen in the role of Finan

It is anticipated that all the aforementioned ensemble members will return in this film. Apart from these group members, we can even meet some brand new actors.

What to Expect From the Movie Seven Kings Must Die?

Seven Kings Must Die

With King Edward dead, it is going to be Uhtred’s responsibility to restore stability to England in Seven Kings Must Die.

He will need to bring England together under one standard in order to make sure their safety as heirs and invaders fighting for the throne.

Netflix says that in the process, he will must decide between his loved ones and the region and population he has been working to unite during The Last Kingdom.

Ed Bazalgette, who previously worked on The Last Kingdom, is the director of the project. With no possibility of additional seasons, Seven Kings Must Die will complete the whole series in 120 minutes. Before The Last Kingdom ends, a number of plot elements must be resolved in order to provide a satisfying conclusion.

How Many More Saxon Stories Are Still Available For Adaptation?

Seven Kings Must Die

The ten books in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories had been covered by the conclusion of the fifth season of The Last Kingdom.

Despite the indisputable fact that the plot of the show is significantly different from that of the novels, it still takes and adapts some ideas of the authors. As a result, the authors only have one hundred and twenty minutes left to finish the stories of the three remaining books (Wolf War, Sword of Kings, and Lord of War).

Will There Be A Sixth Season Of The Last Kingdom?

Seven Kings Must Die

Netflix has already made it clear that the series The Last Kingdom has reached its conclusion and won’t return for a sixth season.

The storyline of Uhtred’s journey told in the show has come to an end, and its final chapter will be revealed in Seven Kings Must Die.