Will there be a Sexify Season 3 or Not? Come Find Out.

As soon as the new season of Sexify dropped, the watchers wanted to quickly take care of the information that was coming out about the next season. Even although most of it’s just rumors, since there has been only limited announcement about the 3rd season as of now, we are here to provide the facts.

If you are one of the Polish s*x comedy watchers you must be having the following questions in your mind – Sexify find 3 coming? Is it confirmed yet? When will it be released? Here are the answers to your questions.

Is Sexify Season 3 Happening?

Sexify Season 3
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Sexify is a Polish comedy series based on myths and all things related to s*x. It is based on a student as * an inexperienced sexual who has to make an innovative s * x app. And for this, the character must experience the world of intimacy. It is directed by Kalia Alabrudzińska and Piotr Domalewski.

The first season of Sexify which included 8 episodes came to Netflix on April 29, 2021. After that, the second season was shown on the same streaming giant, Netflixvery recently on January 11, 2023. Sexify was called the Polish version of “Sex education” as it was based on the same type of plot.

It looks like Sexify fans have seen the new season in one so they’re wondering what’s next. Here’s everything we know about season 3.

Since season 2 just dropped, there has been no update on Sexify season 3. Officially, Netflix has not announced any news about the next season of Sexify. Maybe they’re giving all the fans time to watch the last season that dropped.

Taking into account the popularity of the sex comedy, it’s confirmed that Netflix tries to get as much profit as possible from the Polish drama. This means that Sexify is here to stay on the streaming giant.

Who Are The Cast Members Who Will Make A Comeback?

Sexify Season 3

There has been no official announcement about the cast that will appear in Sexify season 3. However, if the show is renewed, which it definitely will, here are the characters we expect to make a return to the Polish sex comedy –

Aleksandra Skraba as Natalia Dumała
Maria Sobocińska as Paulina Malinowska
Sandra Drzymalska as Monika Nowicka
Natalia Dumała played by Aleksandra Skraba
Paulina Malinowska played by Maria Sobocińska
Monika Nowicka played by Sandra Drzymalska
Marek Nowicki had Cezary Pazura
Mariusz played by Piotr Pacek

Not only this, all the majors are also expected to return in season 3.