Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello were seen kissing one another at Coachella 2023. Many couples in Hollywood have created news related to their love life.

Sometimes it’s the break that creates lots of news while other times it’s the patch after many weeks or months or possibly years of these celebrities.

And if we speak about Patchup particularly then it’s probably the most expected or desired things amongst the fans who created these couples.

We speak about things like this so we cannot forget about the recent thing going on between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. After a year of breaking up or separating, the two were seen hugging one another and kissing soon at Coachella 2023.

It was Friday evening when the singer was seen dancing with one another virtually after a year and a half of separation. It was back in November 2021 when the couple decided to separate ways and officially announced it on their Instagram.

Shawn Mendes And Camilla Cabello Share A Kiss And A Hug After A Year Of Separation!

Shawn Mendes

Shortly after the breakup, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello went through lots of hard times. Shawn Mendes even went on some down days and commenced getting lots of therapies. Between all these items, it was rumored that he was with the singer Sabrina Carpenter however, no confirmation has been received from any side.

Coming back to this meeting that took place in a concert then Shawn Mendes appeared wearing a t-shirt with a green band. He was wearing fire pants while on the other hand, Camila Cabello was seen wearing a crop top and jeans while keeping her hair down for the day.

When both were leaving the site then many people asked the questions if there’s back together or not, that Camilla Cabello said yes to the question, however, not confirmed for now.

As soon as this video came out, many fans came to their social media handles and commenced commenting on it. And no doubt, many people liked this meeting as they’re waiting to join happily.

It was just a few days back when Shawn Mendes released news related to his romance with 51-year-old Dr. Jocelyne Miranda. The two were photographed going out for breakfast in West Hollywood. The rumors have been around since 2022 but haven’t been confirmed by either party.