Shazam 2 is set to be released next month in March 2023, and here is the latest information you need to know about the film.

DC fans are quite excited to welcome back their favourite character Shazam. The superhero that’s stuffed with many unrecognizable powers is the latest project that DC has worked hard on.

After the successful release of Robert Pattinson‘s Batmanthe DCEU must be quite excited to release Shazam 2. Its trailer got quite a good response from the audience.

Keeping all that aside, the latest update on Shazam 2 that DC has officially released is the movie’s runtime.

What is the runtime of Shazam 2? What adventure is the charming superhero on this time? What will be the story of the movie this time? Read more to get your answers to these questions.

What is the runtime of Shazam 2?

Shazam 2

The runtime of Shazam 2 is out and is 2 hours and 10 minutes. Compared to other DC movies, it can be said that the runtime of Shazam is less. But this isn’t a criteria to judge a piece of content. It all depends on the story of Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Speaking of Shazam, it was considered an enormous hit as soon as it was released. Almost every DC fan could not wait to welcome the new superhero to the squad.

DC released Suicide Squad 2 before this. Although the first part of madlad villains going on a rescue spree didn’t really like it, the second part was an incredible success even before its release.

The reviewers gave the film a pretty good rating and so every DC fan knew that the production house worked harder to establish the villain gang in their superhero world.

And now, Shazam! Fury of the Gods is here. Here’s what you can expect from the movie.

What is Shazam! Fury of the Gods About?

The Shazam sequel will bring it back Zachary Levi as everybody’s favourite Shazam. For those of you who do not know, Shazam is the alter ego of Billy Batson who is a normal school going boy.

Once he found himself in a cave where all these powers were given to him. And Shazam was all about him exploring his powers while saving his life from a villian.

Shazam will be played by Asher Angel. With him, the actors who are making a comeback include Helen MirrenLucy Liu, and Rachel Ziegler.

DC has taken quite a little bit of heat in the previous months. With James Gunn taking the chair of the creative head, canceled many future DC projects that made the fans DIY about his decisions. Only the future will tell the fortune of the production house.