She-Hulk Finale Episode 9 was released final and the Daily Plot Research team saw it utterly all the marvel fan is amazed after watching the episode.

The superhero fan community, Twitter is on fire and fans are happy after the few boring episodes of the series.

not them ending the show like a fast and furious movie this is hilarious

— francisco | shehulk era (@Francis32748807) October 13, 2022

The article may contain major SPOILERS for She-HULK Episode 9!

What happened in She-Hulk Episode 9 the Finale?

So the episode starts with the recap of the season but in a retro style like the Old Hulk TV series.

And after the destruction caused by She-Hulk in episode 8, Jennifer Walters is behind bars and her friends are there to save her.

After getting hated by people Jennifer lost her job, she is on a mission to find the real administrator behind the “Inteligencia” website.

She-Hulk Episode 9
Marvel Studios

In the end, she finds out about the real villain of the series which is Todd with the help of her friends.

And unexpectedly we saw Abbonimation, Hulk, and another hulk in the same scene all directly.

But then the smartest thing happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where we saw She-Hulk utterly break the fourth wall and try to contact the She-Hulk Production Team and say that she wants to change the climax of the series .

On notera la casquette sir le robot Kevin #shehulk
Pourquoi une casquette sur un robot?
Ties ties on se demande …. 🤔😂

— Kibo🔮 (@Kibo_off) October 13, 2022

Then she met KEVIN in the real world, I Mean I was really amazed after seeing all these items. I was assuming we would see the real Kevin Feige in the show but it was an AI named KEVIN who is controlling the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And finally, we saw Daredevil again, Hulk and the introduction of Skaar (Hulk’s son), and we found out that he’s back from Skaar, And I believe that these events will establish the storyline of hulk of the world war.

She-Hulk with Daredevil
Marvel Studios

So the Finale was full of surprises and also set up the story of the upcoming Hulk Movie, which will be based on the World War Hulk Timeline.

Will we get a She-Hulk Season 2?

AS Jennifer Walters already teased about Season 2 while talking to KEVIN. So it is nearly confirmed that we’ll get season 2 and we also know that Seh-Hulk will return in World War Hulk as well. We can even see Jennifer Walters in Daredevil: Born Again as they’re together now. So we can get her cameo in the series.

Below we have included a few tweets that were most talked about in the HSe-Hulk Final Episode: