It will come as a shock to some fans and maybe a delight to others, but it has been said that the popular DC Comics Superhero movie Wonder Woman will be adopted as a television program.

Yes, you read that right, DC Studios has confirmed that they’re now set to produce a TV series based on the story of Wonder Woman, while this is confirmed news that fans are happy about, what has left fans worried is whether the -Wonder real Woman who is our own Gal Gadot will be part of the tv series or not.

James Gunn and Peter Safranwho are currently the managing heads of DC Studios created a plan to restructure the DC universe.

The reason why fans are worried about the future of Gal Gadot in the show is because of the proven fact that last year the original Superman, Henry Cavill tne[[alsobyJamesGunn[[awkollminnJamesGunn

Here’s More About Gal Gadot Leaving DC as Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot

Now, it was said last year that, DC is planning to start the third part of the Wonder Woman series but it was canceled for diverse reasons, some reports said that it was because of the proven fact that the director Patty Jenkins had some conflict creative with the project , While some media outlets claimed that it was Gal Gadot who in fact parted with DC, but interestingly James Gunn denied all the rumors.

Now, one thing is certainly confirmed that the TV series will occur and actually, the story has also been adapted. DC released a video in which James Gunn gave an update on the story, he said that the series will revolve around the origin of the all-female Island, and will focus on the political intrigue of Paradise Island.

Now, all the details are intriguing but the biggest question still unanswered is about the whereabouts and future of Gal Gadot in all this, and DC will must answer to the fans. It will be really interesting to see how DC will manage to keep the Interest of the actors, the directors, and most significantly the fans in all this.