Shounen Maid Season 2: What’s the deal??

Is Shounen Maid Season 2 possible? Do you think there is a chance? Is it possible?

Shounen Maid falls under the comedy/slice of life category. Shounen Maid is a slice of life anime that many people find boring. However, it offers a unique story concept and, most importantly, is funny and entertaining.

Shounen Maid is about Chihiro Komiya (an elementary school boy who has lost his mother) and finds himself in the role of a maid at his uncle’s house because of his neat-freak nature.

Shounen Maid, a Japanese manga series created and illustrated by Ototachibana, was first presented to the world. It was published in Enterbrain’s B’s-Log Comic magazine, March 12, 2008. It ran for ten volume before being concluded on March 1, 2017. The sixth volume was limited edition and included an audio drama CD.

Shounen Maid Season 2 Renewal Status

Shounen Maid Season 2: What's the deal??

The anime TV series Shounen Maid, a manga series, was later adapted by 8-bit. The studio is best known for its anime releases like That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime, Infinite Stratos and The Fruit of Grisaia.

The anime adaptation aired for 12 episodes from April 8 to July 1, 2016. The anime adaptation was followed by one ova episode called Shounen Maid – Onna wa Dokyou and Otoko wa Aikyou. August 24, 2016.

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Many fans long for a second season after the conclusion of the first season. What is Shounen Maid Season 2’s renewal status? When will it be available?

We have not yet received any information from either the author or the studio about Shounen Maid Season 2. We are not sure if there will be a renewal of the season. The show has not been cancelled.

Shounen Maid Season 2 will it be possible?

Shounen Maid Season 2: What's the deal??

Many fans are still speculating about whether there will be a sequel, even though it hasn’t been announced. Shounen Maid Season 2 possible?

Shounen Maid’s first season has already featured seven of the ten manga volumes. The studio won’t have enough material to renew the season, however. The manga series is over, so there won’t be any new volumes. This means that there won’t be an anime source to promote. Shounen Maid Season 2 wouldn’t be necessary, as most anime adaptations are created to promote manga sales.

The anime series received a good score of 7.29 in MyAnimeList. The show isn’t as popular as it could be, with only 73k members across the same platform. This is not enough to guarantee a second series.

Considering the above, we can safely assume that Shounen Maid Season 2 will never be released.

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Shounen Maid Action

Elementary school student ChihiroKomiya loses his mother suddenly and is left without a home or a family. This all changes when Chihiro Komiya meets Madoka Takatori, a wealthy and frivolous stranger. Madoka offers Chihiro his help, but when he arrives at Madoka Takatori’s mansion in the high-end, he is met by a sea of garbage and dust. Chihiro begins to clean the entire house, as his neat-freak instincts kick into action.

Shounen Maid, a lighthearted comedy, follows Chihiro as his uncle makes him a frilly uniform and gives him a salary. He then becomes a maid in the house.

(Source: MyAnimeList)

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