Purveyor of budget headphones, Skullcandy is at it again, this time with a new trio of headphones. The SLYR, SLYR Pro, and PLYR provide cross-platform support, high build quality, and a reasonable price if you want to use wired or wireless headphones.

Skullcandy Price and availability

The SLYR headset costs $59.99 and comes in three colours: black, green and blue. The SLYR Pro, on the other hand, costs $99.99 and comes in the same colours as the base model.

Finally, the flagship PLYR Wireless gaming headset is $129.99 and is simply available in black.

Specifications and Features of SLYR:


The Skullcandy SLYR is the entry-level Multi-Platform wired gaming headset. It has a removable bi-directional boom microphone for chatting with friends or interacting in-game and Skullcandy’s Supreme Sound technology for “quality audio depth in-game.”

Compared to the other two, this item is the most basic. It’s an easy set of entry-level headphones ideal for people who like to plug in and listen. According to Skullcandy, it has two 50mm speakers that produce a “wide frequency range and rich, detailed sound.”

On the cups are additional mute and volume buttons and an extended microphone. So, an easy headset without bells and whistles.

The memory foam and light-weight materials used in the construction of the headset optimize comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Specifications and Features of SLYR Pro


The SLYR Pro, as its name suggests, offers much more. In addition to having all the comfort aspects of the SLYR headphones, the SLYR Pro is a multi-platform wired headset that includes some additional features, such as Skullcandy’s more sophisticated audio processing technologies.

This includes Skullcandy’s Clear Voice Smart Mic and Enhanced Sound Perception, which use artificial intelligence to reduce background sounds like keyboard clicks and alter audio levels based on your preferences and a listening test.

An internal battery powers these devices, allowing them to operate autonomously for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Specifications and Features of PLYR


The flagship headset of the line is the Skullcandy PLYR. It’s not easy to see why the PLYR headset should cost an extra $30. If you take things at face value, the PLYR headset boasts two unique features: Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and an integrated Tile function, a tracking technology.

This gaming headset uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology to enable both wireless and wired operation, allowing you to play video games or enjoy music while on the go and stay connected to the your home computer at the same time.

In addition, you’ll have access to the same audio processing capabilities that are accessible in the SLYR Pro here.

The built-in Tile Locator technology in the PLYR and SLYR Pro lets you “tear” the headphones with the Tile app in case you ever lose them.


Even although two of them are a little too identical for our preferences, Skullcandy’s new headphones seem to have a good chance of lasting. But the question still stands: will this be enough for Skullcandy to compete head-to-head (or ear-to-ear) with the heavyweights of the gaming headset industry?

Most likely not; however, these headphones are more entry-level and designed for gamers who do not want to bother too much with the settings. They look good enough on that front.