Netflix released the trailer for her new program on the website known as Sky High The Series. A crew of thieves based in Madrid is the subject of this allegedly daring and suspenseful crime story.

In Sky High, Miguel Herrán plays an angel, a young man from the suburbs of Madrid who begins a life of crime. The tale was promised to continue in a sequel series when the streamer secured the streaming rights to the original film.

When Will Sky High Come Out: The Series?

Sky High The Series

Sky High: The Series, a new action-thriller show on Netflix, has a premiere date. It is a sequel to the 2020 Spanish action thriller film of the same name. The release date is planned for March 17, 2023.

Brief description of the Netflix Web series: Sky High?

Sky High: The Series
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A criminal gang operates in Madrid in the dark and suspenseful film Sky High on Netflix. They may not have the ability to fly or disappear, but they absolutely appear to be masters of their particular craft.

Sole’s plans will change with a sudden phone call in the middle of the night: Angel, her husband and the leader of a criminal gang, has died; Sole is not ready to return to the guidance of her father, Rogelio, probably the greatest traffickers of stolen goods in Madrid, after being transformed overnight into a young widow with a child to look after and several unstable enterprises what they handle.

Sky High Trailer Overview The Series

Sky High: The Series, Netflix’s official YouTube channel, has the one-minute trailer available. The trailer for the new show does not seem to provide any insight into its story; however, the Netflix blurb says: A phone call in the middle of the night will change the course of Sole; Angel, her husband, and the head of a group of criminals, died; transformed overnight into a young widow with a son to take care of and lots of troubled businesses to run, Sole is reluctant to return to the instruction of her father Rogelio, who is among the biggest dealers in stolen goods in Madrid.

Desperate to support herself, Sole looks for new allies who can help her solve the mystery surrounding the deaths that pre-determined her destiny.

She also contacts the gang of thieves and manages to gain their trust to have the ability to carry out a daring robbery similar to those of the past.

However, neither the police nor the various mafias she will encounter are keen to make her journey to paradise easy. Sky High: The Series was said to be a continuation or sequel to the 2005 Disney film Sky High, according to previous stories circulating online; however, Netflix removed the video from YouTube, denying all claims.

The Cast Of Sky High: The Series

Sky High: The Series
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In addition, several artists from the first Sky High will return, incl Luis Tosar, Asia Ortega, Alvaro RicoAlana Porra, Patricia VicoAyax Pedrosa, Dollar Selmouni, Richard Holmes, and Carmen Sánchez.