The television show Slip was developed by Zoe Lister-Jones. Using the idea of ​​the multiverse, she aims to find the main character of the story and their ideal existence.

Despite having a loving spouse in Elijah, Mae Cannon is dissatisfied with her life and works as an assistant museum curator.

Moreover, even although they live a rich life as a married couple, it is obvious that they don’t feel totally pleased with one another.

Mae finally begins to question whether she should continue to lead this life by strengthening her marriage or aspire to the life she needs.

However, she soon learns the answers to her questions as she “slips” through the universe and ends up in bed with someone from a different reality.

End Explanation Of Slip.


Mae was forced to leave behind everything she had come to take for granted and start a journey of discovery that allowed her to realize what she could have been if she had not been married to Elijah.

The world Mae lives in with Eric is just the first of many she will soon visit. Every time Mae has s*x that’s complete, she takes a vacation on another planet.

Yes, every orgasm with a new person transports her to a separate world where she is in a romantic relationship with the last person she had as* a normal meeting with her the day before.

Through Sandy, the owner, and bartender of the tavern where Mae previously met Eric, she first meets Eric.

They end up ripping one another’s clothes off in a s*x scene in the rest room as things heat up between them after a deep talk.

Then, as she tries to fit the jigsaw together and discover a way to return to her old existence, she realizes that there’s one consistent individual in every multiverse: the monk who attended the show.

Mae is broken and more lost than ever in the epilogue. She engages in destructive behavior. Finally, having reached her breaking point, she finds herself next to a chair on the ground, where she begins apologizing by stating all the issues she had to deal with a long time ago.

Lister-Jones executes the moment with unbridled vulnerability. It is an outstanding scene.

However, she chooses to take a step because she cannot sleep. At that point, she meets Elijah. We find out that while they were hanging out together a few days before, he was in a relationship.

Elijah trusts Mae when she tells him the entire truth about what happened to her. Eventually they’ve s*x, and the next day Mae realizes that she is back in her reality, the one she genuinely belongs in.