Slumberland, a high-budget fantasy film produced by Netflix, will soon be released on Netflix. It’s the newest kids’s fantasy story to be added to Netflix’s 2022 original schedule.

This live-action adaptation, which is based on Winsor McKay’s comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland and first appeared in 1905, is scheduled to debut on Netflix in November.

The first film adaptation of the original comics was the Japanese animated film Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, released in 1989. This film will be the second film adaptation of the original comic book.

In early 2020, Francis Lawrence was announced as the director of Slumberland. Michael Handelman and David Guion are responsible for writing Slumberland collectively. This will be the second time they work together.

The movie Slumberland was acquired by Netflix instantly afterwards Lawrence was named the director, and filming was supposed to begin that summer.

However, because of the epidemic, the production was postponed until February 2021. The film was shot for about three months, and ended on May 19 of the same year. To learn more about the movie Slumberland, read on.

Slumberland Release Date


The first season of the movie Slumberland will be released on November 18, 2022. Netflix will be the only streaming service where the movie can be made accessible. Because it has a PG rating, this fantasy/adventure film is appropriate for practically anyone of any age.

The film began filming on February 8, 2021, in Toronto, Canada and finished on May 18, 2021. A sneak peek was made available in April 2021 on Netflix.

There is still a significant amount of time left before November, so if you have an interest in watching the animated version of Little Nemo from 1989 called Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, you can find it streaming on a number of platforms such as Roku, Tubi, and Prime Video. Slumberland has also been confirmed to have a running time of 117 minutes.

Major Cast Members In The Movie


The cast of the upcoming movie “Slumberland” has been confirmed. Cast members include:

1. Jason Momoa will play the role of Flip

2. Kyle Chandler

3. Chris O’Dowd

4. India de Beaufort

5. Humberly Gonzalez will play the role of Graciela

6. Tonya Cornelisse will play the role of Agent Red

7. Weruche Opia will play the role of Agent Paper

8. Marlow Barkley will play the role of Nemo

9. Ava Cheung will play the role of Ho-Sook

10. Sergio Osuna will play the role of Manager

11. Michael Blake will play the role of The Accountant

12. Jamillah Ross will play the role of Agent Orange

13. Cameron Nicoll will play the role of Young Philip

14. Luxton Handspiker will play the role of Matt

15. Leslie Adlam will play the role of Agent Brown

Movie Story Details


Based on Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland from 1905, Slumberland on Netflix will be a dark comedy. The Netflix version will have a little girl rather than the little boy who is the focus of the plot in the original comic; Nemo will now be called Nema. In view of this, a little girl named Nema will be the focus of the official synopsis of the film.

Nema, a little girl, has been having nightmares in which she is traveling to a magical world with the help of an enormous creature that’s half man and half monster in search of her missing father. Nema, who is 11 years old, lives with her father Peter in a lighthouse and has learned to sail.

Peter dies tragically one night during a storm at sea. Nema is forced to stay with her distant uncle Philip, who is annoying and unrelated to Peter.

In her fantasies, Nema finds a place called “Slumberland.” She meets Flip (Momoa), a man who claims to have been an outlaw together with Peter in the past, stealing things from people’s dreams. Flip says she knows a way for Nema to want her father to return, so she chooses to embark on a journey with him.

Slumberland Teaser Trailer

Netflix has shared a brief teaser for the intriguing new film together with release date information. The video features Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley in action and highlights the best CGI work.

You can even say that Nema must have wanted her pet pig to come to life, as she sees the plushie by her side in many daring moments. This is quite similar to the character of Icarus, the flying squirrel, from the animated picture that was released in 1989. Check out the video below for a trailer of the movie.

After some time, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for Slumberland, together with some key art: