Fantasy is the best genre in terms of entertaining the viewers, I hope you all agree with me on that!!! Slumberland is largely the ultimate kids’s fantasy that will certainly not fail to make you a child again.

It is an adaptation of a comic strip that was released in the year 1905. The title of the comic was “Little Nemo in Slumberland” and it was written by Winsor McKay. This will be full of live action.

The official announcement of the making of Slumberland was made in the year 2020. But as a result of pandemic complications, the filming finally started in February 2021. And the filming was wrapped in the same year in the month of May.

Below is every detail you need to know about this upcoming Slumberland movie:

Slumberland Trailer:

Yes, there are two trailers of the movie released by the makers to keep the thrill in the hearts of the viewers alive!

The first trailer of Slumberland was released in the month of August 24, 2022 and the second trailer of the movie was released on October 6, 2022.

By looking at the second trailer of the movie we can easily guess that it has such astonishing and inventive visuals in addition to highlights the back story of the movie. We can even see the female protagonist of the film, Nema, as she continues to find her father’s old acquaintance Flip, to reach her lost father.

But if you analyze the trailer closely you’ll notice that there isn’t any reference to nightmares and its expected relationship with the land called Slumberland, this factor is possibly missing in the film.

The big question that arises in everybody’s mind is whether Nema will succeed to find her lost father so we want to see the movie as soon as it’s broadcast.

Slumberland movie cast members:


You can see the actors listed below as cast members in the movie Slumberland;
• Marlow Barkley in the role of NEMA
• Jason Mamoa in the role of Flip
• Luxton Handspiker in the role of Matt
• Kyle Chandler in the role of Nema’s father
• Chris O’dowd
• India de Beauefort

Also, we have the information that there will be 4 agents shown in the movie particularly red agent, orange agent, green agent, and brown agent. But what precisely are the rules that they will all be playing is still not clear!!!

Slumberland Movie Release Date:


This fantasy movie Slumberland will be released on 18 November 2022. It will be streamed completely on Netflix. The movie has the PG rating so it is a kind of family movie that you can watch with everybody and you can enjoy too!!!

It’s nearly a month to the release date of the movie you can all the time read the comic otherwise you can watch the previous adaptation of the movie to understand it better!!
Thanks for reading 🙂