Snowfall Season 6 is nearly here and fans are going crazy about it. Maybe this is why this will be the end of Snowfall.

It is official that season 6 of Snowfall will be the last one of the marathon. It’s a pretty hard thing for fans to sink into.

Maybe this is because the audience was quite connected to the show and now they’ve to say goodbye to their beloved character, Franklin Saint.

This article will discuss the upcoming season of Snowfall. If you’re a new obsessed fan of the show and just want to dive into the collection of everything Snowfall, then this place is for you.

Read below to find out what was going on in Snowfall and what you can expect from the upcoming season 6.

About John Singleton’s Creation: Snowfall

Snowfall Season 6
TV Series Finale

Snowfall can be called the child of the great John Singleton. Even although he left the world in 2019, the series was adopted with great care by other genius minds. This includes very complicated characters that unfold in a rather epic storyline.

Snowflake revolves around the devastating incidences of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles in the 1980s. And amongst these, Franklin Saint, played by Damson Idris is building an empire beyond compare.

Although there are various shows like this, the one point that sets Snowfall above them is the main component of character representation. The battle of wealth, territory, fame and power is what the series is about.

The Most Spoken Scene

Snowfall Season 6
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One of the scenes where the audience found themselves glued to the screen is the one-to-one convocation between Franklin and his mother, Cissy (Michael Hyatt). This particular scene has depth, pure emotions, and great dialogue in it.

In the segment, Franklin has a heartfelt discussion with his mother about how his empire did not turn out the way it should have. The conversation becomes painful when Cissy talks about cold truths while showing great look after her son.

When Does Snowfall Season 6 Drop?

Snowfall Season 6
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With Snowfall season 6, the long-running series will come to an end. The first two episodes will be released on February 22nd FX. They will be available to download HULU the very next day. More episodes will be released every week.

Fans have been theorizing that Franklin Saint will die in the end. Find out on February 22nd.