Someone Feed Phil Season 6 Update: Back in the spring time in fact Guilty Eats Nation has information about the fifth season of Elder Feed Phil and all this was ready to make its entry in the month of May on Netflix.

The person who is the executive producer for the various head shows called as Everybody Loves Raymond is here in this series Phil Rosenthal, he travels to different cities around the globe eating lots and much of new food and meeting people different.

Back in the day when the details were really given about the sixth season of your series which will air after the fifth season but there isn’t any information about it yet. The entire ten episodes were really filmed during the widespread COVID-19 hiatus that shut down most of the tv show’s production.

But now as everything has the part of the line we will know about this streaming date for the sixth season of the series Somebody Feed Phil.

And in fact, Rosenthal broke the news on his Twitter Feed!

The last season is where we will be seeing Rosenthal going to the five different cities and these cities involve Croatia, Nashville, Santiago, Philadelphia, and Austin.

So now these episodes are going to be bought soon in the month of October.

Release Date For Someone Feed Phil Season 6

Someone Feed Phil Season 6

As it was said that the episodes will be streaming in the month of October they will be streaming on the 19thth of October 2022 as in previous seasons.

And also aside from all these episodes, there will even be one special tribute episode which was really dedicated to Rosenthal’s parents Helen and Max.

And for the people who do not know about it there’s this thing where Rosenthal would call his parents at the end of each episode and he would tell them about what the city was like, which city he was in and what the food was experience.

Unfortunately, Helen Rosenthal died in the year 2019, and Max died in 2021.

It will be greatly missed by fans of the show as Phil’s interactions. with his parents they were so deep as we have already seen in every episode that he would tell them about everything he had experienced.

Since this is a documentary series We will not be seeing many people we just see the main character roaming around all the various series.