Finding a well-written love drama that does not overdo the drama and delivers on the promise of the titular characters is at all times heartening.

In “Someone I used to know,” which resembles a coming-of-age love drama, a few people reflect on the past to learn from their mistakes and successes and how a particular choice affected their lives. Has anything improved or gotten worse?

An explanation of the end of somebody I used to know

Someone I Used to Know
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Ally finds out that her show has been renewed for a fourth season as she returns to her room. Sean arrives to see her before she has time to rejoice.

After a brief exchange, it becomes clear that he still has low regard for her goals and considers her job aspirations immature. Was she expected to put her life on hold for him while he was only hours away from marrying another woman?

Ally meets Cassidy after the fight as she genuinely helps her understand a few things. She admits the challenging nature of her profession but urges her to never give up on herself for a man.

The ladies put aside their differences and drew inspiration from one another’s stories and experiences in what can only be described as female solidarity.

The next morning, Sean knocks on the door while Ally is still in Cassidy’s room. He apologizes to Cassidy when she questions him about his purpose in being there.

He attributes his behavior with her to his previous experiences, and Cassidy informs him that she intends to continue playing in her band and going on tours even after they’re married. Sean accepts everything. We sincerely applaud Cassidy for standing up, but we still find Sean’s justification pathetic.

Even Ally turned him down for her show, so we do not think he is genuinely changed; instead, he fears being left alone. In any case, Ally admits to Cassidy that she invited her parents.

Although Cassidy warns her that what she did was wrong, she still forgives her. After everything is put back in place, Ally leaves, but not before she and Sean make amends.

Her mother encourages her to never lose confidence in herself and to work hard so that people respect and understand her. In addition, she says that Sean was never the ideal partner for her.

We think it was wrong for Cassidy, but Ally gets their wedding video while flying. Although her smile suggests that she is happy for the pair, we would laugh if we were in her position because a person like Sean was no longer in the picture.

At the conclusion of the film, Ally is still doing interviews and advancing her profession. Posts on social media reveal that Cassidy is expecting a child and travels as planned with Sean by her side.

In addition, Ally receives an invite to break out of her long-standing infatuation, and has made progress towards improving her relationship with her mother.