The mysterious “White Worm” of ‘House of the Dragon’ who has been walking in the first season of the series in addition to through King’s Landing to the Red Keep, is portrayed by Sonoya Mizuno.

Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese-English actress who is also a model and ballet dancer. Born in Tokyo, she trained at the Royal Ballet School. The thirty-six-year-old actress has been active in her acting career since 2012.

Mizuno, even though born in Tokyo, was raised in Somerset, England by her half-English, half-Argentinian mother and Japanese father.

After graduating from the Royal Ballet School, Mizuno began dancing with a number of ballet companies including Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, New English Ballet Theater and Scottish Ballet, and Ballet Ireland.

Mizuno also started modeling professionally at the age of twenty. Starting at Profile Models in London she went on to model for Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Saint Laurent.

About Sonoya Mizuno’s role in ‘House of the Dragon’:

Sonoya Mizuno

‘House of the Dragon’ is the prequel to the long-awaited spin-off of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, probably the most popular fantasy series of recent times. The events of the series are set about two hundred years after the events of Game of Thrones when House Targaryen is at the peak of power.

But deep below the surface the threat of destruction has already begun to loom. The reigning King Viserys I Targaryen is suffering from declining health and also from the influence and manipulation of his hand Otto Hightower.

When Otto leads his daughter Alicent to marry the mourning King after the death of his first wife and makes her and her kids believe that Alicent’s eldest son is the rightful inheritor to the Throne, this raises a series of powerplays and side changes as King Viserys had already announced his only child and his first wife Rhaenyra his inheritor.

But while this politics of power within the same home is spreading to every corner of the Red Red, the common people of the sphere known as “little people” are largely being ignored. And it is due to the few people like Mysaria that the interests of the small people get to be included in the constant powerplay of the rich and powerful.

Born in Lys of Essos across the Narrow Sea, Mysaria was a dancing girl and prostitute in King’s Landing. Prince Daemon Targaryen who frequented the town’s clubs took her as his lover.

But Mysaria later abandoned prostitution and her strong intelligence continued to increase in life. In the penultimate episode of the series, she appeared to know many secrets of the royal people which she uses to get them to do what interests the little people.

From the book, it’s known that Mysaria will later become the unofficial Mistress of whisperers for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen during the dragon dance.

She will be involved in a number of considerable events of the war including that of Blood and Cheese. But the HBO adaptation has already changed her story in several places, so her future destiny remains unclear.

Following is the list of other films and tv series in which Sonoya Mizuno has previously worked.


Ex Machina-

Sonoya Mizuno
Digital Spy

This is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Alex Garland in his directorial debut. She cast Mizuno in the role of Kyoko who is the intern attendant of Nathan, played by Oscar Isaac.

High Horse-

This is the 2016 film by Michael Damian starring Keenan Kampa. Mizuno played the role of Jazzy in this film, a fellow dancer and classmate of Kampa’s character Ruby.

The Domestics-

The Domestics
The Domestics (2018)

In this 2018 post-apocalyptic action horror film Mizuno played the role of a character named Betsy.

Crazy Rich Asians-

This is a romantic comedy film that was released in 2018 and cast Mizuno in the role of billion dollar resort chain inheritor Araminta Lee.

Am I good?-

    am i good

In this comedy-drama that was released at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2022, Mizuno was cast as the lead role of Jane.

TV series:



This is a dark psychological comedy and drama miniseries in which Mizuno played a scientist named Dr. Azumi Fujita alongside Emma Stone.



Alex Garland directed this sci-fi thriller miniseries that cast Mizuno in the lead role of software engineer Lily Chan. The series also starred Nick Offerman, Jin Ha, Zach Grenier, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Cailee Spaeny, Karl Glusman, and Alison Pill.