The a6700 follows the trend, with its viewfinder in the upper left corner. This type of body is well fit for smaller lenses.

The Sony a6700 retains the somewhat compact design of the a6600, the best previous E-mount APS-C mirrorless camera, but adds some major improvements.

Sony’s flagship APS-C camera is among the best alternatives for shooting excellent photos and video on the go. If you need a combination of power and mobility, this is a solid all-arounder.

Sony a6700 design

Sony a6700

The most surprising aspect of the Sony a6700 is its similarity to the a6600. Although most mid-range mirrorless cameras have a central viewfinder that aligns with the camera lens, all of Sony’s APS-C E-mount cameras, except the one-and-done a3000, place them in the corner.

The a6700 follows the trend, with its viewfinder in the upper left corner. This body type is well suited to smaller lenses, and plenty of photographers may like the level of situational awareness of this viewfinder location.

On the other hand, this design is less appropriate for giant and heavy telephoto lenses, which are simpler to keep stable while operating from a central viewfinder.

A corner viewfinder allows for a more compact overall body. The a6700 has a flat surface and is the first in the series to incorporate a front-facing display for self-recorded video and a command dial in the handle for less complicated manual exposure.

The a6700 has a complete magnesium alloy chassis and can handle some roughhousing. Sony does not mention an IP rating but claims protection against dust and moisture if you use a sealed lens.

Most of Sony’s APS-C lenses lack weather sealing; therefore, choose a G series (or FE full-frame) lens in bad weather.

Photographers with a collection of Sony lenses can purchase the a6700 body on its own, but if you do not have one, you can purchase a package that includes either the lE PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS or the lE 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS.

Price and Availability

Sony a6700
Photo Review

On July 12th, Sony unveiled the Sony A6700 and a new shotgun microphone. The price of the body-only camera is $1,400, while the ECM-M1 shotgun mic is $349.

The A6700 comes with many improvements, including innovative autofocus and improved handling. Given the current inflation, the price seems acceptable.

Photo Quality and Performance

Sony a6700

The a6700 has unique details; Sony cameras produce some of the most clinically clear photos available, and the a6700 is no different.

The colours are accurate but have a depth and vibrancy that help them stand out without being forced. Even in changing weather and lighting conditions, the a6700 produced accurate and, more crucially, consistent white balance in photos.

Because the a6700 now includes the famous Bionz XR and AI Chip, you can anticipate fast and accurate autofocus.

For static subjects, the a6700 picked up on subjects at a glance, and you’ll know to lose its speed; it’s difficult to see how a traditional autofocus point can grow perceptibly faster at this point.

The a6700’s AI recognition and tracking skills for humans and plenty of animals, birds, cars, and even insects are where it shines.

Video Quality and Performance

Sony a6700

With Sony’s emphasis on video, it should come as no surprise that the quality of the a6700 is great. 4K video is amazingly clear, rich and detailed in conventional outputs.

Still, if you don’t have any intention of ever diving into codecs or LUTs, the regular footage from the a6700 is more than sufficient so long as you want to get creative. If you do not want to spend hours editing your footage, these are great to use.

Sony’s image stabilization remains amongst the best in the business, providing sturdy stabilization in moderate or steady movements such as panning or zooming.

The Sony a6700’s video autofocus is amazing. Sony has been at the head of the pack for some time, and while other companies have nearly caught up, Sony is just a hair ahead.

Sony’s tracking is the most reliable. The camera barely insists on detecting people in random inanimate objects and tracking subjects moving in and out of the frame is extremely solid.


Sony a6700

The AI ​​intelligence can track several things quickly, and its sensor produces attractive 26MP photos and 4K video in most settings. An ergonomic grip and an abundance of direct access features also make it a pleasing camera to use, even although the menu layout has been modified.

When recording handheld video, the five-axis image stabilization is not flawless, and the sensor size causes noise at higher ISOs.

Overall, the a6700 is an excellent choice for hybrid travel photographers or multi-media makers who want professional functionality in a compact size.