Spanish Movie The Occupant: What’s the Story??

Netflix released The Occupant, a Spanish movie. Alex Pastor and David Pastor directed this thriller-crime movie.

Starring Javier Gutierrez and Mario Casas, The Occupant debuted on Netflix on March 25, 2020. Nostromo Pictures was the production company. It was distributed by Netflix (Two).

Spanish Movie The Occupant: What's the Story??

Initial plans were for the film to debut at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic restriction forced the postponement of the event.

The Occupant is the story of Javier Munoz, an ex-advertising executive who must sell his apartment after he loses his job. He is now obsessed with the new residents of his apartment and tries to be a part of their lives.

It receives a relatively positive review from both its critics and the public. IMDB rates The Occupant at 6.4 out 10 points on its platform. Rotten Tomatoes scores it at 61% in critics’ reviews and 46% in audience.

How does the summary of the plot work? How does the movie end? We warn that there will be spoilers.

Summary of The Occupant

Spanish Movie The Occupant: What's the Story??

The movie centers on Javier Munoz who is an advertising executive who loses his job and can’t find a job. He is forced to leave his luxurious apartment and move into a more modest one.

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He becomes obsessed with the new occupants of his apartment. Their names are Tomas, Lara and Monica. Javier visits the apartment every day when there is nobody home and tries to learn everything about their lives. Javier then attempts to penetrate Tomas’ home and get involved in his life. Javier discovers that Tomas has a history of abuse against his wife. He joins a support group. Javier also follows Tomas to the support group.

Javier, a member of a support group pretends that he goes through the same things as Tomas and tries to be his best buddy. Javier is trying to ruin Tomas’ life, but he doesn’t know it.

Javier’s wife isn’t sure what he’s been doing all these years. Javier was always thinking that he is taking classes to get his career back.

The gardener at Javier’s old apartment saw Javier and found out what Javier had been doing. The gardener blackmails Javier and asks him to take Monica’s panties, as he is clearly a pervert.

Javier is asked by the gardener to set up a camera in Monica’s bedroom the next time. If he doesn’t, he will report Javier. Javier refuses to kill the gardener.

How does it end for the Occupant?

Spanish Movie The Occupant: What's the Story??

Javier discovers that Tomas’ success is due to his work as Lara’s father’s business partner. Javier devises a plan to destroy Tomas’ life, and then take his place.

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Javier makes Tomas and his wife look bad by telling Lara that Tomas has a relapse to an abusive and alcoholic past. Javier does not forget Lara pepper spray, which he has already exchanged for some poison.

Lara sprays the poison to Tomas while they are fighting. It almost kills Tomas. Javier arrives right away when Lara calls Javier. Javier invites Lara to come with him, and Monica agrees to stay in her room. Javier must choke Tomas to death because it turns out Tomas is still alive.

Javier marries Lara after the death of Tomas and leaves behind his wife and son. Lara’s father employs Javier and he becomes a successful businessman. Javier’s ex wife knows everything about his tactics and threatens to report him to police. Javier threatens Javier’s ex-wife with a more severe threat. He will hire an expensive lawyer, cut their funds, and kick Javier out of his apartment. Javier appears to win at the end.

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