Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 20 was released on Saturday, November 19, which gives an exhilarating continuation to the second season of the series. The episode mainly focuses on Anya, who is seen following Loid to his “workplace” to do a school project.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 20 Explained

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 20

Henry Henderson informs Anya’s class at Eden Academy that they will explore an occupation of their choice for their social studies lesson. Encourage students to interview important people or ask their parents about their professional experiences for a report.

Anya instantly runs to her mother when she gets home. On the other hand, Yor hesitates a little when asked to discuss her professional experiences.

Anya can read her mind; It turns out that she is afraid because her assassination missions aren’t appropriate for her to share with her daughter. Anya recognizes her dilemma and says she will ask her father.

Yor confirms that her work is too dull for Anya to examine. However, when Loid learns of her plans, he’s more than willing to accompany his daughter to the hospital so that she can write an accurate report by seeing everything up close. Once there, Anya learns of her father’s desire to help the people damaged by the war.

She takes notes while describing the minute aspects of his work so they can be included in the report later.

When Loid brings everybody to Anya’s hospital, she is showered with chocolates and other gifts from the staff, who are extremely friendly to her. Next, he brings her to his office, where she reads his thoughts and discovers an escape door hidden behind the bookshelves.

When Loid is called to an urgent conference about his next mission, he leaves Anya in the cabin with instructions not to touch anything.

However, Anya does not pay attention and instantly opens the secret door after he leaves. Directing it to the drain pipes in the office. Anya ultimately finds herself listening to a group of doctors talking about individuals with mental health difficulties who have had paranormal encounters. Anya’s legs get caught in one of the pipes.

The sound coming from the ceiling as she tried to free herself surprised everybody. Anya goes back to Loid’s office before he finds out that she entered the secret entrance.

When he returns, he discovers Anya playing in the sandbox. Loid is amazed to discover toys buried in the sand. He knows that doctors use the instrument to analyze a patient’s mental health.

After seeing what Anya did, he’s scared that she is experiencing quite a lot of emotional trauma. Loid blames himself for failing to see Anya’s efforts to suppress her emotions.

How did Anya do in the Career Assessment, and why was Loid called to Eden Academy?

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 20
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Anya creates the job evaluation report independently after visiting Loid’s workplace. When it is her turn to read the report the next day at Eden Academy, Anya explains that her father is a doctor who heals the mind. She praised him for staying late to help his clients.

However, she refers to his patients as “targets” and mentions how quickly he has to build connections. She adds that Loid has a secret room in his office and often plays golf during the day.

Anya then freely admits that he gives around snacks, which some perceive as a bribe, and to make matters worse, she sometimes accuses him of hurting his patients.

Of course, this does not sit well with Henry Henderson, who calls Loid to school. However, when he’s ultimately called to Eden Academy, Loid avoids difficulty as a result of his brilliant speaking skills.