Here we are with another explanation of most of the Anime Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 21.

Fiona Frost visits the Forgers’ home in Family Spy X Season 2 Episode 21,” called “Nightfall & First Fit of Jealousy,” after being told by the Handler to give Twilight, AKA Loid, critical information.

She believes she should have done a better job of teaching Anya on how to be a good student and is irritated by Yor’s lack of attention. Later that day, resentful of their intimacy, Bond smashes Anya’s stuffed animal.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 21 Ending explained!

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 21
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When Fiona & Loid see one another for the first time in the main entrance of the apartment, they speak using spy lingo. However, as soon as Anya arrives, she realizes that Fiona, like her father, is a spy.

Despite her first suspicion that she is undoubtedly a bad spy based on appearance, her perspective quickly changes as she begins to read her thoughts. Fiona Frost loves Loid and fantasizes about starting a family with him.

She wants to take Yor’s place and be a wonderful wife to Loid, but she cannot do it because of her obligations and Loid’s work commitments.

Fiona seems to have never talked about her feelings in front of her senpai, who previously taught her and instilled in her the habit of never revealing her true thoughts as a spy. As a result, Fiona starts to feel uncomfortable during the conversation with the Forgers.

This occurs when Anya discovers that Fiona is preparing to get rid of Yor in her mind. She hugs her mother and thanks her for everything she has done for her as a result.

Anya brings Yor to tears with her warmth and sincere love, and makes a promise to Loid that she will do more in the future for her family. In turn, Loid assured her that she had already done enough and did not need to do anything more.

Fiona is familiar with Loid’s fake smile because they’ve been colleagues for some time. Loid smiles back at Yor, but his face has a tinge of emotion. She is uncomfortable with this, so she quickly decides to leave.

Loid chooses to follow her because she does not have an umbrella, and it is raining outside. When they cross paths again, Fiona informs him that his Handler has asked her to join him on his next mission. She is hiding her feelings while still maintaining her professionalism. But fortunately, the rain made it difficult for Loid to read her emotions.

Although either side, it is evident that Fiona is deeply in love with Twilight. She naturally envied Yor since he was able to get a glimpse of natural feelings from someone as professional as Loid.

Battle scars on Mr. Penguin

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 21
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Anya and Bond are watching TV together when they see a penguin being killed. With his last breath, the penguin tells his friend to continue striving for peace in the world.

Anya screams at the tv, mourning the death of the penguin. To remember him, she sleeps with her plush penguin, a special gift from Loid. Bond notices this and becomes jealous of the plush penguin. Unfortunately, he thinks he has been changed and tears the penguin.

Anya wakes up to see her favourite stuffed animal ripped to pieces. She expresses her hatred for Bond and mourns the loss of her father’s gift. Loid sews the stuffed animal together, and Bond offers Anya a peanut as an apology.

This is their first fight, and is among the few instances in the series that Anya has shown actual anger. And the proven fact that her anger is focused on her best friend creates a heartbreaking moment.

The conflict will be resolved soon. Anya apologizes for her harsh comments, and the show ends with a nice feeling of satisfaction.