After leaving fans on a cliffhanger in episode 4, Spy x Family Season 2 episode 5 is about to disclose the long-awaited result of the Eden Academy interview. Also, there appears to be a castle that will be featured in the next episode.

Unlike past episodes, Spy x Family Season 2 episode 5 is meant to be primarily lighthearted, with no indication of the show’s trademark underlying unhappiness. In addition, this episode is anticipated to be animated by Wit Studio, in keeping with the trend.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 5 Breakdown

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5 of Spy x Family Season 2 is out now, and it looks excellent right off the bat, with great animation and exquisite colours.

The first part begins with Anya still determining a way to show her puppy to Damian to gain access to his house. Becky, as at all times, follows her and listens as she discusses her love of romantic dramas.

But when Becky sees a photo of Anya’s family that she managed to show Damian, her puppy, she falls deeply in love with Loid. She even asks Anya if he’s dating anyone, to which Anya responds by explaining how her Papa was certainly married to her Mama.

And, well, this is the start of a new absurd standpoint in which Becky is added to the list of Loid’s fans.

But not every day; it is Damian’s unique arts and crafts day, which he must take exceptionally seriously to please his neglectful father. And Anya quickly agrees to help him as she has her own hidden motivations.

This section of the episode also showed how, despite her lack of creative talent, Anya completed her goal with flying colours as a result of her exceptional luck. This episode was wonderful, and that I loved how we got to see Damian in a different light. This episode was both fun and enjoyable.

Then the second half of the show begins, and we learn a little more about the Fullmetal Lady. We know everything about her, from how she spends her day to how she gets to be probably the greatest spies in her agency.

Loid also makes an entrance here and, as usual, reports to Sylvia. This episode shows the interaction between Twilight and Mrs. Fullmetal, and we, as viewers, see how even the powerful Twilight cannot destroy Silvia’s dignity.

This episode provides an insight into the daily life of the Forgers and how they behave. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a fascinating episode that advances the story, but still makes you smile.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 5

The final scene was the most moving. Anya promised to do well at school while she and her father watched the fireworks. On the surface, it is a promise that many kids make to their parents.

Still, the audience recognized the weight of Anya’s words, particularly considering what she said earlier about how much fun she had since meeting her “father.”

Anya promised that she will study hard to keep having fun with her father and mother – so that this won’t be the last time. And Loid caressing Anya’s head like the adoring father he’s was the perfect ending to a light but touching episode.