Star Trek 4 Updates: The future of Star Trek is skeptical. A cast member of the series, Zachary Quinto, said he would like to play the character of Spock in Star Trek 4. Do you think the series will return?

Zachary Quinto has said that if given the chance, he would love to return to the set of Star Trek 4 as Spock. JJ Abrams renewed the Star Trek franchise in 2009 making smaller versions of the characters from the Original Series.

Quinto appeared as Spock and Pine as James T. Kirk when the Kelvin timeline was dubbed. Although the franchise had a rush of excitement and got a plethora of positive reviews, it was considered a disappointment. It was not up to the mark at the box office. Therefore, the future of the franchise has been unsure ever since.

As of now, there isn’t any confirmation about the release of Star Trek 4. The same plans included the release of Star Trek 4 shortly after the debut of Beyond. However, the plans gradually and ultimately fell apart.

Star Trek 4

Last winter there was a ray of hope when Noah Hawley was tapped to direct a Star Trek Movie. However, many doubts were shadowed on the same later. Hawley also confirmed recently that his Star Trek movie is currently on hold and his movie won’t center around the famous characters of Kirk or Jean Luc Picard.

What did Quinto say about Star Trek 4?

Recently, Quinto appeared on The Talk to speak about his new Netflix release, The Boys in the Band. He also talked about Star Trek where he was asked if he would like to make a comeback with the character of Spock and have another adventure.

The actor instantly answered yes. He said that the cast members are great friends even in real life and love to return on the sets. However, he mentioned that none of them know about the future of the franchise and what it holds for them. He said Paramount’s plans are still mysterious.