Stars on Mars Episode 1 “Elimination Challenge”—the challenge to determine which of the crew goes home—is thrilling.

The idea of ​​Stars on Mars Episode 1, which was released on Fox on June 5, is straightforward: celebrities go to space camp.

Stars on Mars is a reality show where 12 celebrities pretend to be astronauts on Mars for 24 days and compete to discover the strongest, bravest, brightest and most capable crew member, winning the title of “L -Bright Star of the Galaxy.”

What was the celeb’s role in Stars on Mars Episode 1?

Stars on Mars Episode 1

Celebs check their meals, tend to plants in an indoor greenhouse, exercise to keep their bodies healthy in a world with a different gravitational pull, and meticulously dust off all the space badges.

There’s also a mini-challenge in which Lance Armstrong and Ronda Rousey must rescue Natasha Leggero from her space capsule and bring her safely back to the main base, which they do, and, obviously, a talking computer that makes wisecracks.

What was the ‘Elimination Challenge’?

Stars on Mars Episode 1
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Stars on Mars Episode 1 “Elimination Challenge”—the challenge to determine which of the crew goes home—is thrilling, partially because the show is so good at making you forget that the group is in the Australian desert anymore than on Mars.

The celebrities must discover fragments of a communications tower in a simulated dust storm with high winds, then reassemble and lift the structure back into position.

The tower is modified at the last possible moment, to everybody’s delight, even if it means that they will now must build a celebrity team from the bottom of the three that were the least “mission critical”—then fire one of those astronauts.

Which celebrity was eliminated in Episode 1?

Stars on Mars Episode 1
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McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, is the first celebrity to be kicked off Mars. His “astronaut” colleagues consider him non-mission critical as he remained too quiet during the rebuilding of the communications tower.

It seems harsh to punish him for following a logical plan to “keep away from people who understood what they were doing.”

Still, he takes his removal well, and humorously encourages all his castmates to find him on Instagram once they’re all back on Earth. Adam Rippon and Tom Schwartz were the other two celebrities in the final three.

Which celebrities are still participating in Stars on Mars?

Stars on Mars Episode 1
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The following stars are still doing well on the show:

Ariel Winter

Tallulah Willis

Marshawn Lynch

Richard Sherman


Adam Rippon

Lance Armstrong

Tom Schwartz

Natasha Leggero

Porsha Williams Guobadia

Ronda Rousey

According to the first episode, the Stars on Mars group was chosen primarily on who would make good television rather than who would say “yes.” With this in mind, we are looking forward to the second episode.